L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns-The Devil You Know

LA GUNS the devil you know COVER.jpg

They were the predecessor band for Guns N Roses, they are an institution unto themselves, and they’re back with a thumping new album. L.A. Guns, ladies and gentlemen.

“Rage,” is fast and chaotic, a brazen opener that delivers on everything that the title promises. “Stay Away,” shreds and dances across the platform, and never quite lets go of the listener’s throat. “Loaded Bomb,” becomes something entirely different. A Snarling little slivering motion. “The Devil You Know,” veers this way and that. The title track brings some seriously shredtastic licks and riffs to the table. “Needle To The Bone,” is classic rock and roll. A big riff, and some thundering drums, accompany a vibrant vocal line. “Going High,” is a pounding testament to the old school.

“Gone Honey,” ventures one way and then another. It brings with it some interesting divergences and changes. Truly riveting with some added colour thrown in for good measure. “Don’t Need To Win,” a call-out set to the thundering beat of the drums and the snarling bite. “Down That Hole,” keeps things very interesting, shaping the structure through the pounding drum beat. “Another Season In Hell,” rocks and shakes with grace and rage. “Boom,” is big and bombastic.

The album is out on 29nd March via Frontiers Music.


TNT-Encore Live In Milano

TNT Encore Live in Milano COVER.jpg

“Give Me A Sign,” starts off this live album, and it is a great beginning. Snorting through and breaking through with energy and grace. “As Far As The Eye Can See,” is another rocker, it drives right into the heart of the matter. “She Needs Me,” is a rocker. The riffs are plain dynamite and snort through the listener. “Desperate Night,” has groove and spice a plenty, it delivers on promise. “Invisible Noise,” keeps things fresh, veering this way and that, before snorting into a rocker’s fantasy. “Child’s Play,” is a ballad with some absolutely shredding guitar. “Ronni Solo,” veers this way and that way and shreds for days. “Forever Shine On,” rocks the house and delivers something truly impressive.

“Northern Lights,” is a beaming and delightful number that brings harmonies to the fore. “Tonight I’m Falling,” is another gracious number that takes a turn or two to produce something fantastic. “Intuition,” is a snarling beast. “Seven Seas,” veers one way and then another before closing out. “Listen To Your Heart,” is a thundering rocker. “10000 Lovers,” is a soaring crowd inclusive song. “Everyone’s A Star,” finishes things off with some fast paced riffage.

The album is out on 22nd March via Frontiers Music.

Burning Rain

Burning Rain-Face The Music

BURNING RAIN face the music COVER.jpg

“Revolution,” comes right out the gate with some ferocious riffage and a soaring vocal line. “Lorelei,” is another soaring rocker, it just grooves and shakes with energy and pace. “Nasty Hustle,” is a pounding, game changing rocker. “Midnight Train,” thumps and growls, it also grooves with might and pace. “Shelter,” a slower number, with the acoustic temperament of the great blues numbers. “Face The Music,” is a rocking blinder of a song, that snakes its way through.

“Beautiful Road,” is a soaring rocker, that delivers in leaps and bounds. It produces some snaking little melodies and a shouting vocal performance. “Hit and Run,” a song that veers this way and that, whilst never quite letting anyone figure out the shifts and turns. “If It’s Love,” is darker, more thunderous and definitely got a tinge of blues within it. “Hideaway,” brings the thunder and the rage. “Since I’m Loving You,” is a chaotic rocker, that really sees out the album well.

The album is out on 22nd March via Frontiers Music.

The End Machine

The End Machine-The End Machine

THE END machine COVER.jpg

“Leap Of Faith,” opens things up, it’s both haunting and ethereal, whilst also adding in some dangerous guitar lines, that really bring up something pretty interesting. “Hold Me Down,” is a rocker, it slides this way and that, and doesn’t give into whatever urges might have been there before. “No Game,” is a big thundering rocker. It delivers on punch and promise. “Bulletproof,” is a snarling beast of a song that veers this way and that, letting the audience know that they’ve got a cracker on their hands. “Ride It,” is a barnstorming rocker, it produces the punch and keeps things interesting. “Burn The Truth,” is a rocker, with that acoustic intro slowly bringing things into the hard elements.

“Hard Road,” jangles through the rites, and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go, delivering some firm pushes. “Alive Today,” a song that veers this way and that whilst also bringing some serious push. “Line of Division,” a snarling, big ballbreaking song. “Sleeping Voices,” is softer, melodic and thoughtful. It drives through some serious groundwork. “Life is Love Is Music,” is a rocker and a fitting closer.

The album is out on 22nd March via Frontiers Music.

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro- No Control


Suzi Quatro, the Queen of Rock and Roll is back, with a new album. The legendary performer struts her stuff and shows off her skill and prowess across eleven tracks of pure rock and roll heaven.

It starts with “No Soul, No Control,” which is a seething taunting number, on the back of a solid driving riff. “Going Home,” is a loose bluesy number that delivers on the promise of the title, with some seering vocal performances. “Strings,” is a much more elaborate number. It has big chords, and a big vocal performance, that delivers on everything. “Love Isn’t Fair,” is a classic. The rhythms are all flair and the vocals are brilliantly meshed together. “Macho Man,” is a hardcore rocker, in the vein of the seventies heights. “Easy Pickin’s,” is a bluesy stroll.

“Bass Line,” is a classy number, shimmering and sheering through the breach. “Don’t Do Me Wrong,” is a rocker, with some solid thumping melodies. “Heavy Duty,” delivers the crunch and adds some extra bite to things. “I Can Teach You To Fly,” is a rocking nightmare. “Going Down Blues,” is big and bombastic and a fitting finale.

The album is out on 29th March via SPV/Steamhammer.



Týr - Hel.jpg

Tyr stand on the vanguard of Scandinavian Metal. Legends in their own right, their new album delivers a sharp thud and thunderous roar to all doubters. Metal is well and truly alive.

“Gates Of Hel,” starts things off with a slow darkening rhythm, before moving into overdrive and producing one hell of a performance. The chorus is monstrous. “All Heroes Fall,” delivers the solid one-two punch of the guitar leads and the raging aggression that one has come to expect of this band. “Ragnars,” is a thunderous ode to the darkness whilst producing some spine tingling vocal performances. “Garmr,” is a guitar player’s paradise. The riffs come flowing out like water, and they continue to weave a tale through the winds. “Sunset Shore,” a giant of a song, with some seriously sweeping melodies and a pounding elephant moving into overdrive. “Downhill Drunk,” is a lot of fun delivered on the back of some interesting melodical work. “Empire Of The North,” is a roar and a half. Producing some intriguing melodical arrangements.

“Far From The Worries Of The World,” shapes the tender into place, and weaves a nice little venture one way and then another, before sharply pounding onto the world stage. “King Of Time,” weaves a way and about, with nothing more than a sharp edge and a curious melodical groove. “Fire and Flame,” delivers an emphatic snarling monstrous riff that allows one and all to come forth. “Against The Gods,” is a snarling monster, that brings about some fascinating lyrical and guitar based work. “Songs of War,” is a call to arms, the perfect war cry. “Álvur Kongur,” shapes the world on the back of some interesting arrangements, changing and twisting within.

The album is out on March 8th via Metal Blade Records.


Raunchy-Velvet Noise (Reissue)

Velvet Noise album cover.jpg

“Twelve Feet Tall,” starts things off with a roar and a growl. It moves into some seriously grooving riffs, producing elements that would intimidate even the most hardened of rock fans. “Bleeding,” takes things to another level, the riffs are off the hook. “Drive,” chaotic and free, with an added impetus for headbanging mastery. “Tonight,” slams down and produces something heavy and deliberate. “Leech,” works its way into being through direct contact, and ensures that the listener is hooked.

“My Game.” is a roaring masterpiece. “Crack of Dawn,” delivers something both dark and unexpected. “Out of Sight,” continues the rage and makes things go topsy turvy. “This Is Not An Exit,” is dark and full of rage.

The album is out on 12th April via Mighty Music.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys-Gone Gone Gone


“Gone Gone Gone,” is a brazing rocker. “Suffer,” is a dark and desperate song that captures the elements perfectly. “Dishes,” is a heavy rocker.

“Gone Gone Gone,” continues to show its a brazen rocker. “Electrified,” performed live shocks and startles. “All Hips n Lips,” is good old fashioned rock and roll.

The EP is out on 12th April via Mighty Music.


Black Oak County

Black Oak County-Theatre Of The Mind


“Watch Your Back,” is a driving song, with some seriously catchy riffs and some seriously ballsy vocal melodies. “Just Another Psycho,” delivers the punch, grinning all the while and ensuring that the listener gets hooked. “My Chance To Change,” is a thunderous number, bringing with it all the keys to being a great rock and roll song. “Since You’ve Been Gone,” is a rocker and a middle finger to the established ways of doing things. “Pretty Pistol,” is a shotgun rocker, with the driving, syncopated riffs simply bringing the hammer down.

“Sycophanic,” is an interesting shredding number, that delivers a bite and a half. “Wasted Life,” is a slow, and epic number that slinks its way into rock and roll legend. “I Know You’re Lonely,” is another song that produces some interesting moments, from the jangling introduction to the soaring vocals. “Stick To My Guns,” is all out rock and roll. “Theatre Of Mind,” produces a slash and a drive, making everything intoxicating.

The album is out on 26th April via Mighty Music.



Xaon - solipsis (album cover).jpg

“Monolith,” is huge. The symphonic elements really add to this song and take it to another level. The guttural rage and anger present on the track adds to it as well, truly ensuring that things are gravitational. “Carillon,” dark and thunderous, one of the songs that you just know will bring out the moshpits when performed live. “Solipsis,” the title track is a dangerous one-two guttural punch that just sharks through the performance completely. “Mobius,” weaves itself into one or two phrases, and just lets itself throttle everything.  “Eros,” demonstrates the duality of man, the softness of the acoustics are complimented by the anger and aggression of the distortion.

“Cipher,” keeps things alive with the heaviness of its beat and the darkness down the track. “Beast,” brings down the rain and destroys the world, as it swirls within the ether of hell and fury. “River,” a song that adds harmonies and light to the destruction that the main melodies wreak. “Mask,” pounds the shit out of the listener’s ear drums and leaves you demanding more.

The album is out on 12th April via Mighty Music.