L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns-The Devil You Know

LA GUNS the devil you know COVER.jpg

They were the predecessor band for Guns N Roses, they are an institution unto themselves, and they’re back with a thumping new album. L.A. Guns, ladies and gentlemen.

“Rage,” is fast and chaotic, a brazen opener that delivers on everything that the title promises. “Stay Away,” shreds and dances across the platform, and never quite lets go of the listener’s throat. “Loaded Bomb,” becomes something entirely different. A Snarling little slivering motion. “The Devil You Know,” veers this way and that. The title track brings some seriously shredtastic licks and riffs to the table. “Needle To The Bone,” is classic rock and roll. A big riff, and some thundering drums, accompany a vibrant vocal line. “Going High,” is a pounding testament to the old school.

“Gone Honey,” ventures one way and then another. It brings with it some interesting divergences and changes. Truly riveting with some added colour thrown in for good measure. “Don’t Need To Win,” a call-out set to the thundering beat of the drums and the snarling bite. “Down That Hole,” keeps things very interesting, shaping the structure through the pounding drum beat. “Another Season In Hell,” rocks and shakes with grace and rage. “Boom,” is big and bombastic.

The album is out on 29nd March via Frontiers Music.