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“Modern Age,” kicks things off with an interesting arrangement, neither dark, nor completely heavy but definitely filled with guts and glory. “Weightless,” takes things to another level, shifting through the tone and ensuring the listener gets the bang for their buck. “Undisguised,” another song that filters through, bringing with it some fascinating rhythms. “Living Dead,” chaotic, haunting and downright impressive. “Afterglow,” the title track shifts through the rhythms and brings some interesting changes.

“Without A Dream,” turns things up a notch. “Domino,” is a slow snake, twisting and turning the way through. “Poison Pills,” a song that veers through the line. “Hurricane,” snarls and shifts. “Crooked Lines,” another song that brings about some fascinating lines and changes.


The album is out now.

Hell and Hollar

Hell and Hollar-442


“Low and Slow,” kicks things off with a door squeaking and the drums starting the countdown. When the riff kicks in, you know shit is about to go down. It has that big bluesy swagger that entices so many to rock and roll. A great opener. “Double Wide,” takes things up another level, switching through the lines and increasingly twisting and turning the dial. “Desert Dust,” rocking through the franticness of the clear levels.

“442,” takes another shift, bringing about an interesting and entertaining movement this way and that, through the solar system. “Personal Issues,” filters through the lines, taking a turn here and there. “Showdown,” rocks the house down, with some insane swagger and a growing boot to the face.

The album is out now.

Cold Kingdom

Cold Kingdom-Into The Black Sky

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“Under The Surface,” is slow and melancholic, hauntingly set up to deliver maximum performance. “Desire,” comes galloping into being with some seriously gnarl vocals and guitar riffs. It dances around and kicks the listener in the face. “Devil In Me,” rocks the house down with a swaggering riff and some seriously gnarly vocal melodies. It dances down the track and hits it out the park. “Left Me Haunted,” veers one way and then the next, slowly producing a line shift and ensuring that the listener knows where to look. “Ammunition,” takes a chance down the line, shifting this way and that. Producing an element of chaos and gnarly melodies which fill the listener with an intriguing sense of where this might all be going. “After The Fall,” takes no shit, and turns the way this and that. The vocals show that the listener is meant to listen in for the deeper elements.

“Volatile,” comes pounding into being, swaggering through on the back of a seriously gnarly riff. “Invisible,” turns and twists with equal measure. Bringing about some fascinating changes and melodical features. “In Your Shadows,” takes a slow measure to the old routine and slowly hits the listener in the face. “A New Disaster,” takes a sharp turn here and there, ensuring that the listener is hooked. “Fear Is Yet To Come,” brings about some interesting shifting tones.

The album is out on 24th May.

Pretty Wild

Pretty Wild-Interstate 13


“Let’s Get It Out,” comes thundering in on the back of some seriously gnarly drums and guitar work. It builds up the anticipation and then comes in with a swagger. “Ment For Trouble,” rocks the house down, swimming in swagger and juice, it takes it to the top and then some. “Superman,” brings some interesting melodies to the fore whilst the guitars keep the work up once more. “Wild and Free,” has that anthemic sense to it, with the guitars working it up and the vocals taking on a very Bon Jovi quality. “Give It All Tonight,” rocks the house down, with some seriously moving melodies and growing pains. “Stand My Ground,” works the number into over time, bringing with it some seriously groovy melodies and riffs.

“The Way I Am,” is another anthemic song taking on some interesting melodies and crinkles here and there. “Thanks To You,” takes on a more orchestral feeling, with some seriously bombastic turns here and there, a twisting sense of what might come and what will be. “Shot Me Down,” rocks the fuck out, bringing some seriously gnarl vibes to the fore. “Walk The Edge,” turns and twists this way and that, ensuring that the listeners are hooked. “I Love It,” another rocker that takes a turn here and there. “Break Down The Walls,” rocks the house down.

The album is out on 31st May via Black Lodge/Dead Exit.




Bangalore’s finest metal export Kryptos return with a grand spanking new album, one that is sure to please old school fans whilst also enticing new fans to check them out.

“Afterburner,” the title track has some seriously gnarly riffage, thrown in for good measure and crossed with a hammer blow vocal line that makes it sound as if Lemmy has returned from beyond the grave to kick some ass and take names. “Cold Blood,” thunders into being. Bringing with it some seriously awesome riffage and a serious hook. “Dead of Night,” has some very impressive riffage, taking things to the next level whilst also slamming things into overdrive. “Red Dawn,” is epic. It takes a step one way and then the next, producing a marching rhythm that entices the listener.

“On The Run,” takes a sharp shift and a changing pace here and there, the vocals are biting and gnarly. “Crimson Queen,” comes in with a big sweeping vocal and guitar line that duels with one another ensuring there is some serious pay off for the listener. “Mach Speed Running,” veers into being pushing the limits and bringing everything up to eleven speeding through the gears and into something else entirely. “Into The Wind,” is fast and powerful, taking a turn here and there before moving into overdrive.

Afterburner is out on 21st June via AFM Records.



“Evil Christine,” is an interesting song, it takes a few jangling chords and turns them into an interesting and divergent point. “Hinter dem Leben,” twists and turns through the psychedelic moments and passages of time ensuring that the listener is completely hooked. “Ungetaktet,” veers into overdrive producing something quite interesting whilst also shifting into dark territory. “Himmel en Gefahr,” is slow and thoughtful. “Gestern und nicht heut,” veers into ambient territory whilst also introducing some slight changes. “Hitze,” takes a turn here and there, before producing some fascinating shifting changes.

“Der Teufel,” has echoes of classic rock about it in the structure and change of the song. “Atme,” moves in and out before producing some shimmering changes. “Annelise,” veers one way and then the next, producing a chaotic edge and tremble. “Phosphor,” a song that produces some interesting shifting melodies and guitar parts. “Das Ufer hat Zeit,” makes a turn here and there.

The album is out on 14th June.



“Vastaus,” is haunting and ethereal, it marches through the line and takes a turn here and there, ensuring that the listener is instantly wanting more. “Nakyva,” takes a thundering hammer to the face of the listener and does not let it leave for any length of time or reason. “Binary Stars,” shifts in and out, weaving a nice little spell to enchant the listener. “Osa Minua,” takes a turn here and there, before slowly shifting and weaving itself in on the listener. “Vaieneet,” turns and twists, bringing about some interesting melodical work and slowly changing the dynamics.

“Vaapaksi,” is another haunting song, with some seriously big melodies that then drives itself into overdrive. “Riisuttu,” another song that brings together a great many elements and allows them to shift and change. “Haukka,” a grumbling beast of a song that turns and twists within the melodies for time.

The album is out on 7th June via Inverse Records.


X-PLICIT-Like A Snake

ARTWORK Aeglos.jpg

“Hell Is Open,” is the perfect opener for this album, a big ass riff with some snarling vocal melodies, weaving themselves in and out of the framework. They dance this way and that, producing some fascinating lines and melodies. This is a big hook filled song and one that is sure to get people moving. “The Great Show,” moves as one through the debris and ensures the listener is filled with energy and adrenaline, slowly weaving and twisting through. “You Don’t Have To Be Afraid,” takes a sharp turn and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go. There are some seriously big hooks in this song. “Shake Up Your Life,” is swaggerirific, and destroys any lingering confusion. “Deep Of My Soul,” takes things to another level, swinging in and low.

“I’m Original,” dances through with a swaggering riff and some mighty fine melodies on the vocals. “Free,” a dancing bluesy riff accompanied by vocals that just don’t give a fuck. “Angel,” acoustic and filled with some interesting melodies and hope, that’s the most important thing. “Don’t Close This Bar Tonight,” another raging rocker. “Like A Snake,” veers this way and that, with thundering riffage and a chaotic sense of right and wrong.



Centrilia-In The Name Of Nothing


A raging fire burns within, that seems to be the theme of Centrilia’s new album and it works well.

“Symptoms Of Betrayal,” comes pouring in with a darkened edge that is refreshing. It beats a well worn path and reaches through the circles of the dark without fear. The vocals are bone crushing, and the feeling is that of completeness. “Splitting Hairs, Splitting Teeth,” another brutal lead into the dark. A crushing riff mixed together with an impressive range of chaotic vocals, brings together a song that will get people moving in the pit. “Imposters,” moves with a growing sense of urgency and anger. It snakes along the beaten track before taking a sharp turn left. “The Fool On The Hill,” another chaotic number and a song that is meant for the reaches of chaos and sharpness.

“In The Name Of Nothing,” a different song compared to what has gone before. It shifts and turns within and without. The melodies are filled with growing chance and power, they ensure that the listener is filled with hope and then comes the hammer. It smashes down any semblance of a chance and brings with it the growing anxiety of a generation. “Those Possessed By Devils,” is another thumping song committed toward the absolute carnage of the raging souls within. “Let The Fire Burn,” is a slow burn a moving chaotic destruction that turns in and out. “Tamam Shud,” a song that veers one way and then the next, bringing about an interesting turn and change, a fitting closer.

The album is out on June 28th via 233 Records.


Tymfar-Renewal Through Purification

“The Arrival,” comes in with a massive sweeping orchestral arrangement slipping through the net and bringing some fascinating changes into the mix. “Of Legions Of Eternity,” is a galloping mesh of chaos and frantic energy. It growls like a monster from the depths of hell. “Rise of Chaos,” comes in with some sweeping melodies and an interesting change here and there. It continues driving the point and never quite turning or switching. “The Almighty,” ranges in from the beginning. Turning and twisting like a knife into the dark, producing something fantastic. “No Hope,” rages with brutality, turning and twisting inside out, and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get. “The Commander Of Death,” brings about some fascinating changes, a turn here, a twist there, a nice little hook thrown in for comfort as well.

“Mountains Of Madness,” comes veering in with a twist and a turn, producing something quite interesting. A Darkness within and without but a never changing sense of chaos. “Dehumanisation,” a song that produces some fascinating guitar work, smashing through the edges and turning the tint dark. “Freedoms Call,” a raging monster of a song that smashes through boundaries. “Living Corpses,” a raging fire burning bright and destroying through the engines. “Implore The Reaper,” ventures into a darkened state, and emerges with chaos unfolded. “Humanity’s End,” another ripper of a song.

The album is out on June 22nd, via MTAF Records.