Shout At The Robots Interview

What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences? Whatever it was that originally inspired the band name has been lost to time, as we came up with it when we were teenagers, but it was resurrected simply because we couldn't decide on anything better. So here we are. Our collective influences... Continue Reading →

Magic Kingdom-MetAlmighty

"Unleash the Dragon," is simply epic, a twisting and turning saga set to some fine riffs and melodical work, turning through the edges of time and bringing together the actualisation of something all heavy metal bands aspire to. "Wizards and Witches," is a furiously working song that pounds away led by the bass, before the... Continue Reading →

Enterfire-Slave of Time

"Upon Humanity," comes barrelling on the back of a fast and furious riff. It slowly takes the turn this way and that to loosen the chords around it and wraps through the ever growing cycle. "A THousand Voices," comes in hard with a seriously grooving riff that takes the time through the burning desire to... Continue Reading →


"Deleuzean Centuries," is a slow moving, growling, riff machine that takes and takes, and leaves the listener in now doubt as to where the monsters are coming from. "The Embalmer," roars its anger into the world, and terrifies almost everyone with the ferocity of how it shakes and grooves. "Condense," roars and snaps the whip,... Continue Reading →


"On The Top," is spicy, pure and simple. It comes off the ground with that riff, and keeps it going throughout. There's a sense of impending darkness and doom that makes the song all the more special. "Pit Of Consciousness," is a ripper. It comes in like a barrel and never stops, demonstrating some serious... Continue Reading →


"Prokopton," is a fascinating song. The harmonies on this bad boy are phenomenal, they twist and turn, shimmering on the back of a windswept monument, turning through the tide and allowing for something magnificent to grow. "The Soveregin," another song that takes the turn, here and there. Smashing through the lines and bringing together different... Continue Reading →

Angel Witch-Angel of Light

It's been thirty-nine years since Angel Witch released their debut album, thirty-nine years in which their influence has only continued to grow. They were one of the traiblazers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and now they're back with a new album. "Don't Turn Your Back," is a riff symphony, turning through the... Continue Reading →

Past The Fall-From Insanity’s Ruin

Starting off with "Into The Ruins," the acoustic texture of the song really sings into the listener's ears, the added string instrumentation brings things together allowing for a slight change and a dint here and there. "Drainer," gets heavy right away, snarling through the breaks and stops. Distorted riffs add together the measurements of the... Continue Reading →

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