KXM Circle of Dolls


“War Of Words,” comes barrelling in delivering something that truly changes the shift and pace of the movement, a rocker that thunders through and sets the tone quite nicely. “Mind Swamp,” slows things down ever so slightly, ensuring the listener can change and bite through the tone. “Circle of Dolls,” moves up and down, changing frequency and ensuring the listener is left guessing at where things are going to go next. “Lightning,” a song that builds on changes and complex growth, to produce something fascinating and complex. “Time Flies,” a song that moves with bite and precision, changing the tempo ever so slightly. “Twice,” a song that veers one way and another at any given time, to produce an absolute beauty. “Big As The Sun,” a thundering omen toward completion and context.

“Vessel Of Destruction,” swaggers on down the line, bringing about some fascinating movements and groupings. Ensuring the listener figures out which way is which. “A Day Without Me,” moves with some interesting flair and swagger, taking the time to turn the screws a little and bring out some fascinating changes. “Wide Awake,” smashes down the doors and produces something a little bit extra. “Shadow Lover,” snarls and bites with some interesting changes here and there. “Cold Sweats,” a roarer and a rager, that delivers a fascinating little swivel. “The Border,” brings about some cold calls.

The album is out on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

The Defiants



“Love Is The Killer,” kicks things off, hauntingly at first, slowly building into something that could be best described as a riff fest. As the song progresses it becomes gradually heavier and darker, to ensure the listener is hooked. “Standing On The Edge,” is a swaggering song designed to kick things into gear and smash them down again. “Hollywood In The Headlights,” is a swaggering mess of a song that produces something fascinating, a journey through time and growth. “Fallin’ For You,” takes things to another level, truly eighties in measurement and temper. “Hold On Tonite,” shreds away, and gets completely enchanting with its melodical context. “Allnighter,” takes the time to shred through and deliver a smash and grab.

“My Heart,” takes things to an interesting place, slowly shimmering into being with some fascinating choices for the melodical arrangements. “It Goes Fast,” roars down and challenges the listener to know what’s up and to find out where the swaggering lines are producing. “Stay,” a song that rampages through the listener and brings up all sorts of emotions. “Alive,” a fast and furious song filled with hopeful emotions and changes. “Drink Up,” roars down the pace and delivers some swagger.

The album is out on 13th September.

Sasch Paeth's Master of Ceremony



He’s a legend known for producing great bands and working with Avantasia, now he delivers his own project, and boy does it deliver.

“The Time Has Come,” is a riff monster that soars through the listener’s ears, ensuring that complete attention is demanded. It soars and shimmers through the line and produces something quite special. The vocals are catchy and hooky. “Die Just A Little,” is haunting and menacing. Adrienne Cowan really shines through here, her vocal range is damned impressive. “Radar,” ramps up the swagger moving through the tones and the changing lines with something akin to fascination but also horror. “Where Would It Be,” is heaviness personified with an added edge of labour and chaos, thrown together for something else. This is a song that is definitely going to shine through. “My Anarchy,” sweeps through the sticks and then changes proceedings to bring about a line and a half of pure adrenaline. “Wide Awake,” roars through, swaggering about like it owns the place. A fitting thing, for it does.

“The Path,” is reflective, the piano works through to deliver something shifting and changing. The vocals are on point. “Sick,” brings out the riff monster once more. Driving through and smashing down the doors ensuring the listeners know just what’s up. What a treat. The vocals are haunting and snaking through the line. “Weight Of The World,” another snarling monster that smashes down the doors, and invites the listener into this little corner of heavy metal heaven. “Bound In Vertigo,” saunters through, dining into the weight of the world and shining through the changes of the mind. “Signs of Wings,” slows things down, to bring about something different and fascinating. As it slowly gets heavier and quicker, the vocals really lead the show.

This is a great album, and one that is bound to deliver. Be sure to get it when it is released on 13th September via Frontiers Music.




“Rust,” rolls into town on the back of that thundering bass riff, a snarling monster that takes things through the charts and out again. The guitar riffs are precise and on point as well. “Into The Wild,” harmonises, and then leads on the wild goose chase, perfectly executed for maximum perfection. “Idiots,” snarls and shakes and swaggers on the back of an absolutely magnificent riff. “In The Maze,” slows things down and brings about some fascinating little melodical changes. It shifts the tenor of the conversation slightly, ensuring the listener knows where to twist and where to turn. “We Are The Legion,” is epic starting off slowly, it slowly moves into an epic twist and turn of fascinating riffage. “Crazy,” moves with a fast pace and a snarling monster bite.

“Parasite,” has drive and focus, it shines through, snarling and biting with some serious tension and lines of patience. “Waiting For Your Love,” a song that shimmers through the line and ensures the listener knows where to look for the melody and the charm. “Reptile,” is riff heaven, seriously, it’s all riffs and moving parts that shimmer through to make sure everything is focused on just how bad ass those riffs are. “Stop Weirding Me Out,” is a bit of a weird one, it shimmers and shines but also goes down the darkened path. “Filth Flowers,” acoustically rages and smashes down the door.

The album is out on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

Block Buster

Block Buster-Losing Gravity

BLOCK BUSTER losing gravity COVER.jpg

“Out In The City,” comes in with that piercing vocal line, shifting the tone slightly, building to something that comes with a thunderous roar. “Gone By The Morning,” has that huge hooky riff, that just drives everything from there on in. “Flammable,” moves with speed and power, ensuring the listener is hooked and demanding more. “Back From The Shadows,” roars and leans forwards and backwards, tempting the listener into something else entirely. “Losing Gravity,” slows things down taking on some epic changes and shifts. “Sweet Mary Jane,” beats the shit down and turns things into a lightning rod.

“Somebody To Shock Me,” moves with freneticism, and ensures the listener is hooked on the line and the sink. “Walking Like A Dog,” stops and starts with precision and delivers some fascinating melodical content. “Move,” a fascinating take on the modern day rock and stop anthem. “Would You Do It Again,” has summertime vibes to it, with reminisces about what might have happened and what has gone by. “Bulletproof,” roars and shimmers through the line.

The album is out on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

Black Rain

Black Rain-Dying Breed


“Dying Breed,” come sin with that joined harmony chorus thing and then filters into something fascinating, with a pounding rhythm and some seriously big hooks. “Hellfire,” continues the trend with a seriously catchy riff that drives proceedings and ensures the listener truly sits up and pays attention. “Blast Me Up,” rocks the house down, snarling and shimmering through the ground. “Nobody Can Change,” roars and smashes things down through sheer brutality. “Like Me,” leads from the bass and then takes a shift and a change here and there.

“All Angels Have Gone,” slows things down enough to allow for some reflection and for some serious shifting and changing. “We Are The Mayhem,” comes rattling down with thunder and grace, shifting the tone another notch or two into epic territory. “Rock Radio,” soars and laughs up all the attention. “Public Enemy,” has some seriously catchy hooks and melodies. “A Call From The Inside,” hooks and himmers.

The album is out on 13th September via Steamhammer/SPV

Driving Force

Driving Force-All Aboard

Cover DRIVING FORCE All Aboard.jpg

“Dog House,” kicks things off with that impressive drum roll before moving into the sauntering and catchy riff. The song soon picks up speed and ensures the listeners willingly come with it. “Black Beauty,” is a riffer of a song, shifting the tone and the pace of proceedings, with grace and pomp. “The Battle,” fast moving, heart chasing and downright terrifying in some instances. It shimmers through and shows off the great skill of the band. “All Aboard,” bass heavy and thundering through to ensure complete dominance. “Again,” starts off with the acoustic guitar shimmering through the line before slowly moving into heavier territory. “Sticky Shit Kid,” snarls and bites with great thunderous approachment.

“Like A Weed,” brings heaviness to the fore, slowly driving the wedge into overdrive. “Don’t Walk Away,” is a riffer, singing through the changes and the melodical arrangements of several shifting changes. “Nemesis,” rocks out and shreds through the line, slowly delivering something quite captivating and terrifying. “Razorblade,” a snarling and crunching deliverance of the kind. “Rat Race,” snarls and bites with equal aplomb.

The album is out on September 27th.

Mob Rules

Mob Rules-Beast Over Europe Live



On the back of their very successful Beast Reborn, album Mob Rules deliver a brand spanking new live album of their tour over Europe. An album that displays their passion for performing live.

“Beast Reborn,” serves as a great intro, shifting and changing with the melodies and the wind. “Ghost of a Chance,” a blinder of a song on the record, even better when performed live. The melodies and the riffs all fit together seemlessly to enable the band to show off just how good they truly are. “Somerled,” this reviewer’s favourite song by Mob Rules, is such an anthemic choice. The guitars just soar, and the vocals roar out the song of the old battled war lord from Scotland. “Black Rain,” takes on a darkened edge, shifting and changing the melodies through, a song that is completely heavy. “Sinister Light,” takes on a very sinister tempo and change through the melodies and the workings of the band. You can truly hear the crowd getting into things. “Dykemaster’s Tale,” is epic, soaring through the crowd, shimmering and shifting with a changing wind, that enables a growing movement toward completion. “My Kingdom Come,” is a waltz towards destruction, perfection brought to life.

“The Last Farewell,” just shines. It leads the way with that darkened riff that shimmers through everything. You can tell that the audience are getting truly pumped up as the song progresses, and rightly so. “Children’s Crusade,” a song that shines through when performed live. A melodic overtone that brings the crowd to life. “On The Edge,” snarls, and bites with the growl of a band in peak form. “The Land of Wind and Rain,” shimmers through, the piano gets some early work, and the crowd really gets into the swing of things, the rhythm takes over then. “Hollowed Be Thy Name,” is completely enchanting, an epic song that shows off just how good the band are. “Way Back Home,” soars and roars, ensuring the crowd is left desiring one more song. “Rain Song,” is that song, the finale that shows everything that the band is about, what a way to finish things off.

The album is out on 13th September via Steamhammer/SPV.

Beyond The Grey

Beyond The Grey-Unthinkable Tragedy

cover BEYOND THE GREY - Unthinkable Tragedy .jpg

“Now Or Never,” starts off with that thundering bass riff, it sets the scene quite nicely, and allows for a gradual shift and change in atmosphere. When the guitars kick in you get the feeling that something truly epic is about to happen. As the song progresses that feeling is validated. “Unthinkable Tragedy,” comes in with a searing riff, and a blinding vocal performance that truly shifts the conversation several notches. “Finally Free,” slowly works its way to the fomentation of something great and heavy. It shifts the tone and the texture of the album, bringing about something that touches heaviness on high. “Pain,” is one of those great songs, shifting through. Taking turns to bring about the end of the world in a hand basket.

“Gravedigger,” moves with the thundering of the bass. Slowly shifting the tone and tenor of everything that came before. The vocals are purely haunting, showing off something that is quite precise and dark. “Insanity,” has a great riff to kick things off, it then moves into a square based shift on the tenor. “Overflow,” has a great bass riff to kick it off, and then slowly shifts into the roaring masterclass of Alice in Chains style groove. “Counterfeit,” slowly moves on the back of a darkened riff and a shifting tone and tenor. “No More,” roars into being and roars out into the light.

The album is out on August 30th.


CoreLeoni II


“Waltz,” starts things off quite nicely. The arrangements shift and change with a collection of movements, showing off some fantastic melodies and arrangements. “Standing In The Light,” has some serious riffage to kick things off. Thundering together and through the lines of the past. The vocals snarl and bite, the song truly kicks off into gear. “Love For Money,” delivers some seering riffage, turning the screw just that extra bit harder, and slowly moving through the winds. “Open Fire,” comes right out the block, throwing the gauntlet down and demanding the listener move their head approvingly. “Angel,” shimmers and shines. Slowly working its way into the listener’s conscious. “She Goes Down,” a thunderous rocker, designed to bring about some seriously catchy melodies and movements. “No Tomorrow,” thunders down the line, smashing through everything that stands in its way and then some.

“I’m Your Travelling Man,” moves about with a swagger and a pizzazz that blinds the listener completely. “Make My Day,” another song that rocks out hard. The riffs are blazing and blistering, the echoes of something heavier are there for all to see. “Mountain Mama,” has that blistering riff effect going on, showing the line and the patience of the band to deliver quite so fascinating. “Queen of Hearts,” rocks the house down. Showing off right where it knows the listener will pay the most attention. It slams into everything with growing force and patience. “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” moves with a thunderous approach. “Il Padrino,” brings the Godfather theme to life, slowly shifting the tenor and the approach with something verging on downright foreboding.

The album is out on 27th September via AFM Records.