Aspherium Interview

The Median Man sat down with Marius from Aspherium to talk shop: What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences? The name Aspherium is something that came about when I was trying to come up with a band name. I had a note book full of different ideas, and I was... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Traitor

The Median Man sat down with Steve from Confessions Of A Traitor, to talk about the band and the metal world in general: What inspired the formation of the band? A mutual love for heavy music. We all enjoy listening to various different bands and wanted to create a sound that we enjoyed. This has... Continue Reading →

SHAKRA-Mad World

"Fireline," shreds through. An absolute rocker and one that really pushes the limits. "Too Much Is Not Enough," goes down hard and brings with it some fascinating changes and turns. "A Roll Of The Dice," shakes and stirs things. Shimmering into being with light and aggression. "Mad World," goes hard and brings everything to the... Continue Reading →

SYTERIA Reflection

"Make Some Noise," is old school metal. A driving riff, a pressing vocal performance and some fascinating melodical choices. "Goodbye World," takes it to a whole new level. Snarling and biting throughout. "Reflection," drives the spirit of the day and ensures the listeners are treated to something truly special. "Asylum," rolls with the punches and... Continue Reading →


"From The Tomb Into The Void," is an epic way to kick things off. The guitars work in overtime to produce something that is insanely fascinating. It grows and moves with a slithering edge and then unleashes chaos. "Mutilated By Depths," snaps and crackles, the electricity pretty much froths all over the place. "Pouring Chaos,"... Continue Reading →

PYOGENESIS A Silent Soul Screams Loud

"Survival Of The Fittest," rolls with the thunder, and delivers a frightening amount of accuracy and precision in driving the day and increasing the precision of the narrative. A brilliant opener. "Mother Bohemia," is an anthemic song that filters through the ground and allows the listener to fully engage. "I Can't Breathe," both the prologue... Continue Reading →

Stallion-Slaves of Time

"Waking The Demons," kicks things off with a bombastic one-two hit of the guitars and drums. The song really adds itself well to the swagger and momentum of the bite and feel that the band are clearly going for. "No Mercy," is a roaring and ripping shred fest. "Time to Reload," has an old school... Continue Reading →

Sons of Apollo-MMXX

The progressive metal juggernaut that is Sons of Apollo have returned with their second album entitled MMXX, in honour of the new decade, and boy is it a corker.

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