The End Machine

The End Machine-The End Machine

THE END machine COVER.jpg

“Leap Of Faith,” opens things up, it’s both haunting and ethereal, whilst also adding in some dangerous guitar lines, that really bring up something pretty interesting. “Hold Me Down,” is a rocker, it slides this way and that, and doesn’t give into whatever urges might have been there before. “No Game,” is a big thundering rocker. It delivers on punch and promise. “Bulletproof,” is a snarling beast of a song that veers this way and that, letting the audience know that they’ve got a cracker on their hands. “Ride It,” is a barnstorming rocker, it produces the punch and keeps things interesting. “Burn The Truth,” is a rocker, with that acoustic intro slowly bringing things into the hard elements.

“Hard Road,” jangles through the rites, and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go, delivering some firm pushes. “Alive Today,” a song that veers this way and that whilst also bringing some serious push. “Line of Division,” a snarling, big ballbreaking song. “Sleeping Voices,” is softer, melodic and thoughtful. It drives through some serious groundwork. “Life is Love Is Music,” is a rocker and a fitting closer.

The album is out on 22nd March via Frontiers Music.