Electric Boys

Electric Boys-Gone Gone Gone


“Gone Gone Gone,” is a brazing rocker. “Suffer,” is a dark and desperate song that captures the elements perfectly. “Dishes,” is a heavy rocker.

“Gone Gone Gone,” continues to show its a brazen rocker. “Electrified,” performed live shocks and startles. “All Hips n Lips,” is good old fashioned rock and roll.

The EP is out on 12th April via Mighty Music.


Electric Boys

Electric Boys-The Ghost Ward Diaries Review

Electroc Boys - The Ghost Ward diaries (album c...

“Hangover In Hannover,” is a rocker, bringing some classic elements to the fore. There’s the swaggering riff, the ballsy rhythms and then the carefree attitude of the vocals. “There She Goes Again,” a rocker with attitude as well, swaggering together and to the fore. “You Spark My Heart,” slows things down slightly and then wrenches it up several notches. “Love Is A Funny Feeling,” is Electric Boys Highway To Hell. “Gone Gone Gone,” a slow burn rocker that delivers the goods.

“Swampmotofrog,” dances around and swaggers with added edge. There’s such rock and roll within the fibre of the song, it’s hard not be impressed. “First The Money, Then the Honey,” is a cheeky little ditty. “Rich Man, Poor Man,” continues swaggering along with power and grace. “Knocked Out By Tyson,” builds the riff cledge up, and takes it to new levels. “One Of The Fallen Angels,” is another slow burn song that really hits the hammer up several notches.

The album is out on November 23rd via Mighty Music.