Black Oak County

Black Oak County-Theatre Of The Mind


“Watch Your Back,” is a driving song, with some seriously catchy riffs and some seriously ballsy vocal melodies. “Just Another Psycho,” delivers the punch, grinning all the while and ensuring that the listener gets hooked. “My Chance To Change,” is a thunderous number, bringing with it all the keys to being a great rock and roll song. “Since You’ve Been Gone,” is a rocker and a middle finger to the established ways of doing things. “Pretty Pistol,” is a shotgun rocker, with the driving, syncopated riffs simply bringing the hammer down.

“Sycophanic,” is an interesting shredding number, that delivers a bite and a half. “Wasted Life,” is a slow, and epic number that slinks its way into rock and roll legend. “I Know You’re Lonely,” is another song that produces some interesting moments, from the jangling introduction to the soaring vocals. “Stick To My Guns,” is all out rock and roll. “Theatre Of Mind,” produces a slash and a drive, making everything intoxicating.

The album is out on 26th April via Mighty Music.