Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro- No Control


Suzi Quatro, the Queen of Rock and Roll is back, with a new album. The legendary performer struts her stuff and shows off her skill and prowess across eleven tracks of pure rock and roll heaven.

It starts with “No Soul, No Control,” which is a seething taunting number, on the back of a solid driving riff. “Going Home,” is a loose bluesy number that delivers on the promise of the title, with some seering vocal performances. “Strings,” is a much more elaborate number. It has big chords, and a big vocal performance, that delivers on everything. “Love Isn’t Fair,” is a classic. The rhythms are all flair and the vocals are brilliantly meshed together. “Macho Man,” is a hardcore rocker, in the vein of the seventies heights. “Easy Pickin’s,” is a bluesy stroll.

“Bass Line,” is a classy number, shimmering and sheering through the breach. “Don’t Do Me Wrong,” is a rocker, with some solid thumping melodies. “Heavy Duty,” delivers the crunch and adds some extra bite to things. “I Can Teach You To Fly,” is a rocking nightmare. “Going Down Blues,” is big and bombastic and a fitting finale.

The album is out on 29th March via SPV/Steamhammer.