Raunchy-Velvet Noise (Reissue)

Velvet Noise album cover.jpg

“Twelve Feet Tall,” starts things off with a roar and a growl. It moves into some seriously grooving riffs, producing elements that would intimidate even the most hardened of rock fans. “Bleeding,” takes things to another level, the riffs are off the hook. “Drive,” chaotic and free, with an added impetus for headbanging mastery. “Tonight,” slams down and produces something heavy and deliberate. “Leech,” works its way into being through direct contact, and ensures that the listener is hooked.

“My Game.” is a roaring masterpiece. “Crack of Dawn,” delivers something both dark and unexpected. “Out of Sight,” continues the rage and makes things go topsy turvy. “This Is Not An Exit,” is dark and full of rage.

The album is out on 12th April via Mighty Music.