Xaon - solipsis (album cover).jpg

“Monolith,” is huge. The symphonic elements really add to this song and take it to another level. The guttural rage and anger present on the track adds to it as well, truly ensuring that things are gravitational. “Carillon,” dark and thunderous, one of the songs that you just know will bring out the moshpits when performed live. “Solipsis,” the title track is a dangerous one-two guttural punch that just sharks through the performance completely. “Mobius,” weaves itself into one or two phrases, and just lets itself throttle everything.  “Eros,” demonstrates the duality of man, the softness of the acoustics are complimented by the anger and aggression of the distortion.

“Cipher,” keeps things alive with the heaviness of its beat and the darkness down the track. “Beast,” brings down the rain and destroys the world, as it swirls within the ether of hell and fury. “River,” a song that adds harmonies and light to the destruction that the main melodies wreak. “Mask,” pounds the shit out of the listener’s ear drums and leaves you demanding more.

The album is out on 12th April via Mighty Music.