TNT-Encore Live In Milano

TNT Encore Live in Milano COVER.jpg

“Give Me A Sign,” starts off this live album, and it is a great beginning. Snorting through and breaking through with energy and grace. “As Far As The Eye Can See,” is another rocker, it drives right into the heart of the matter. “She Needs Me,” is a rocker. The riffs are plain dynamite and snort through the listener. “Desperate Night,” has groove and spice a plenty, it delivers on promise. “Invisible Noise,” keeps things fresh, veering this way and that, before snorting into a rocker’s fantasy. “Child’s Play,” is a ballad with some absolutely shredding guitar. “Ronni Solo,” veers this way and that way and shreds for days. “Forever Shine On,” rocks the house and delivers something truly impressive.

“Northern Lights,” is a beaming and delightful number that brings harmonies to the fore. “Tonight I’m Falling,” is another gracious number that takes a turn or two to produce something fantastic. “Intuition,” is a snarling beast. “Seven Seas,” veers one way and then another before closing out. “Listen To Your Heart,” is a thundering rocker. “10000 Lovers,” is a soaring crowd inclusive song. “Everyone’s A Star,” finishes things off with some fast paced riffage.

The album is out on 22nd March via Frontiers Music.