Týr - Hel.jpg

Tyr stand on the vanguard of Scandinavian Metal. Legends in their own right, their new album delivers a sharp thud and thunderous roar to all doubters. Metal is well and truly alive.

“Gates Of Hel,” starts things off with a slow darkening rhythm, before moving into overdrive and producing one hell of a performance. The chorus is monstrous. “All Heroes Fall,” delivers the solid one-two punch of the guitar leads and the raging aggression that one has come to expect of this band. “Ragnars,” is a thunderous ode to the darkness whilst producing some spine tingling vocal performances. “Garmr,” is a guitar player’s paradise. The riffs come flowing out like water, and they continue to weave a tale through the winds. “Sunset Shore,” a giant of a song, with some seriously sweeping melodies and a pounding elephant moving into overdrive. “Downhill Drunk,” is a lot of fun delivered on the back of some interesting melodical work. “Empire Of The North,” is a roar and a half. Producing some intriguing melodical arrangements.

“Far From The Worries Of The World,” shapes the tender into place, and weaves a nice little venture one way and then another, before sharply pounding onto the world stage. “King Of Time,” weaves a way and about, with nothing more than a sharp edge and a curious melodical groove. “Fire and Flame,” delivers an emphatic snarling monstrous riff that allows one and all to come forth. “Against The Gods,” is a snarling monster, that brings about some fascinating lyrical and guitar based work. “Songs of War,” is a call to arms, the perfect war cry. “Álvur Kongur,” shapes the world on the back of some interesting arrangements, changing and twisting within.

The album is out on March 8th via Metal Blade Records.