Articcircle-Where Ice Meets Ocean Review

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Cosmic Egg is an interesting opener, big on the distortion, heavy on the grind, and filled with intricate melodies. Big Heavy Door is a nice little thumper, powered by a solid riff, and led on by a big vocal line, it is sure to get heads banging when performed live. Madness Powder is another thumper, snarling and growling through to completion on the back of a monstrous riff. Change the Wave is grunge at its highest, powering riffs, snarling vocals and a powerful melody throughout.

Oracle Bones roars and powers through off the back of a monster of a riff, and a powerful vocal range. Onanole drives itself through, powering up the gears and getting the listener pumped. Firebird Over Falcon Lake does something similar producing a nice little catch and pull. Into One is a fiery number, backed by a superb riff.


The album is out now.

The Eternal

The Eternal-Waiting For The Endless Dawn Review

The Wound is a slow build, moving from one area to another, changing and shifting with tones and melody and ensuring the listener gets the full scope of its epicness. Rise From Agony shifts, slithers and hums sweet nothings whilst delivering a powerful embrace. A Cold Day To Face My Failure moves, producing epic choruses and vocal melodies. I Lie In Wait contains similar elements of darkness, harmony and destruction.

Don’t Believe Anymore is slower, more ethereal and definitely a damn sight more shiver inducing because of it. In The Lilac Dusk growls and sneers and produces some seriously heavy tones. Waiting For The  Endless Dawn is a nice contrast to the rest of the album allowing the full symphonic make up of the band to shine through.

The album is out August 17th via Inverse Records.

Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry Interview

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1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

“We got the name from a movie we watched when we were quite young, a movie called District 9 which is quite an awesome movie. As for influences, we all grew up in quite musical households, our parents were playing bands like Rage Against The Machine, Lamb Of God, Ramstein, which were all inspirations for us.”


2. What themes were explored on the record?

“We never really planned to have a theme to run through the whole album, but there are some historical issues explored throughout the record, combined with modern issues as well, alongside some other songs.”


3. What is your process for song writing?

” We usually jam and then form a song from there, or we’ll write the lyrics and form a song from there. We don’t particularly have a set process for song writing.”

4. What are your plans for the future?

“We’ve got a few songs written down for a new record, so when we’re done touring Europe, New Zealand and Australia we’ll likely come back to them, fine tune them and then get down to recording.”



Cauldron Interview

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  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

I wanted a simple descriptive two syllable word that if you heard it enough times in association with the band that you might not consider the actual definition anymore. Much like the band name Carcass for me. Cauldron seemed to be the perfect fit and for the most part was still available!

Our main influences are old heavy metal bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Dokken is a big one for me personally but we listen to a lot of different bands and I think we have gotten good at using a lot of unconventional bands or music to our advantage.


  1. What’s the process behind songwriting for the band, and has that changed over the years?

There is no one way for us. Sometimes it starts with a riff Ian is playing at the practice space or sometimes it’s a melody I come up with at home. Sometimes an arrangement comes together on the spot, other times it takes years…

But once we know we have some cool riffs or a strong melody we hold onto them and build upon that and really try to force nothing.



  1. What themes are explored on the new album? Why did you choose them?

The lyrics on the album are kinda dark and personal for the most part. We went through some misfortunes during the making of this record that set us back, both as a band (the near fatal accident on the in ruin tour and Ian’s recovery) and personal and I think all of that is reflected in the record. I also think it makes for a strong record. At the same time, I still tried to keep the lyrics open and vague enough that hopefully others can relate to it on their own level, maybe



  1. What songs from the new album are you looking forward to performing live?

So far we’ve been performing Prisoner of the Past, Letting Go and No Longer live and they are very fun and seem to be going over well even though no one has really heard the recordings yet. I think we look forward to introducing more songs live in the future, like Drown and Save the Truth. 



  1. What plans do you have for the future?

We have a handful of shows in North America when the record comes out on September 7th and then we follow that up with a European tour. We also plan on shooting a video at some point but beyond that, nothing really!

Fabulous Desaster

Fabulous Desaster-Hang Em High


Death Is Loud comes barrelling into life, full of energy and strength, producing a nice little galloping rhythm to stick a finger up to conformity. Faster Than Light has some old school 1980s metal feel to it, with swinging riffs, grooving melodies and roaring vocals. Warsaw is an all out assault, fierce riffs, piercing screams and downright headbanging melodies and grooves. Thrash Bang Wallop is a dance between bass and guitar for the all out absurdity and rocking groove. Midnight Fistfight dances, slams and roars.

Wellness in Hell is powerful, a mosh pit fury and a scintillating song that pushes all the right buttons. RIP snarls and bites, grooving and snaking around like a mad man. Thrash Metal Symphony snarls and grooves, slinking around like a mad man. Toxic Nuclear War is brutality at its finest. Customized swings and dances.

The album is out now.

Julian's Lullaby

Julian’s Lullaby-Prisoner Of Emotions Review

Angel’s East begins with a military beat, before moving into an absolute rocker, with duelling guitar pieces and a duelling vocal line, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. Curse Of Gods is a nice little dance into the darkness of the world, brought to you with soaring vocals and piercing riffs. Death Angel has a nice twist and turn to it, never quite settling down in one place. Domino is orchestral, epic and huge because of it, turning and shifting. Eyes of Gray is slower, thoughtful and reflective.

Hanging Crown starts with some orchestral flair, leading the way with some interesting twists, as the guitars come powering through, shaping and directing the song. Hell’s Door is a monster of a song, big on the riffs, and powerful vocals. Prisoner of Emotions, the title track has some interesting melodic arrangements and shifts and turns in spits and spurts. Single Thought is folk like, bringing some nice changes and spirits to the fore. Starbringer pounds and grooves, shredding in bits and pieces.

The album is out now.




We Are A Band starts off with some nice little riffs, typical of the metal genre, with the harmonisations on the word do providing some hilarity. You Can Maybe Do It has a ballsy riff, as it rips the piss out of everyone and everything. Tuesday is another riff packed song. Adulting is a plea for help, with the chaotic riffs. From The Heart is a piss take ballad, and it really is quite catchy. Do the title track shifts and gives, and is backed by a nice little riff. Got No Brakes is a nice little riffer. Introvert Party Time is a nice little piss take, breaking back and forth. Thinkin With Yer Dick is a nice little slapstick. Uncle Material really is hilarious, the riffs are all over the place and the content is just brutally hilarious. Bacon, Eggs and Cheese is great.

Uhhng, is straight up weird. Stream Stutter has a ballsy riff. Got No Brakes comes back again, this time just as refined and hilarious. Socks and Sandals sways and rocks. Keys just rips the normal song structure to shreds. Gurrr slips and slides. Moving Day has a nice little riff. Rent In Peace just trolls. Got No Brakes is still hilarious. Outtakes is hilarity in metal. Flop is a nice little piss take.

The album is out now, buy it for the laughs.

Panzer Squad

Panzer Squad-Ruins Review

It starts with Extinction which barrels into being with furious riffs and an angry snarl on the vocals. Death Toll continues proceedings, pounding out fast and furious, the mosh pit is sure to be fun. Escapist slows things down in tempo, but the heaviness just increases manyfold. Sewer Rat is back into the game, pounding and headbanging riffs. Societal Funeral dances and skips, snarling all the while. Singular Purpose dances, shreds and grooves. Shut In barrels and roars with the guitars pounding away.

Victims of War snarls and roars to fruition, pounding and chasing itself around, whilst delivering something powerful and energetic. Delusionist starts off slowly, before picking up speed with equal heaviness. Approaching The End roars and snarls, biting the hand that feeds. Zombie Shot is pure chaos, dancing, snarling and prowling around. After The Bombs is similar, a solid thumping riff and a snarling vocal line. War System is a interesting and furious cover.

The album is out 31st August via Testimony Records.

Van Canto

Van Canto-Trust In Rust Review


Metal’s premier acapella band are back, and boy are they back with a bang.

Back In The Lead starts off emphatically, bold and strident vocal melodies, and the song is a catchy one, to bring about the moving of the audience. Javelin starts with harmonisation and then moves into thunderous vocalisation of power and darkness. Trust In Rust is a quicker number, with the vocals soaring and the harmonies on point. Ride The Sky captures the song perfectly, the vocalisations of the instruments reflects their power and the soaring heart racing power of it all is captured. Melody is fast and filled with energy and power. Neverland is slower, and epic due to it, the vocals paint a story and the listener is left to fill it out.

Desert Snake snarls, growls and powers through with energy. Darkest Days slithers, and hums through to climax a powerful number. Infinity is quicker, more energised and definitely a song that will get the crowd pumped. Hells Bells is a nice little take on the classic AC/DC song delivered with flair. Heading Home is a softer, more melodic number that carries weight and precision.

The album is out August 10th via Napalm Records.