Fabulous Desaster

Fabulous Desaster-Hang Em High


Death Is Loud comes barrelling into life, full of energy and strength, producing a nice little galloping rhythm to stick a finger up to conformity. Faster Than Light has some old school 1980s metal feel to it, with swinging riffs, grooving melodies and roaring vocals. Warsaw is an all out assault, fierce riffs, piercing screams and downright headbanging melodies and grooves. Thrash Bang Wallop is a dance between bass and guitar for the all out absurdity and rocking groove. Midnight Fistfight dances, slams and roars.

Wellness in Hell is powerful, a mosh pit fury and a scintillating song that pushes all the right buttons. RIP snarls and bites, grooving and snaking around like a mad man. Thrash Metal Symphony snarls and grooves, slinking around like a mad man. Toxic Nuclear War is brutality at its finest. Customized swings and dances.

The album is out now.