Panzer Squad

Panzer Squad-Ruins Review

It starts with Extinction which barrels into being with furious riffs and an angry snarl on the vocals. Death Toll continues proceedings, pounding out fast and furious, the mosh pit is sure to be fun. Escapist slows things down in tempo, but the heaviness just increases manyfold. Sewer Rat is back into the game, pounding and headbanging riffs. Societal Funeral dances and skips, snarling all the while. Singular Purpose dances, shreds and grooves. Shut In barrels and roars with the guitars pounding away.

Victims of War snarls and roars to fruition, pounding and chasing itself around, whilst delivering something powerful and energetic. Delusionist starts off slowly, before picking up speed with equal heaviness. Approaching The End roars and snarls, biting the hand that feeds. Zombie Shot is pure chaos, dancing, snarling and prowling around. After The Bombs is similar, a solid thumping riff and a snarling vocal line. War System is a interesting and furious cover.

The album is out 31st August via Testimony Records.