Cauldron Live@ The Black Heart, London Review.

On Thursday 20th September, Camden’s finest was home to the stellar Canadian band Cauldron. A band with a fantastic new album recently released, there was anticipation throughout the crowd as they waited.

Starting with a thumping riff driven song, the band instantly connected with the crowd. there was a lot of headbanging, and the crowd let the band know just how much they appreciated this.

Some of the songs from the new album got an airing such as “Prisoner Of The Past,” and “Letting Go,” to roars of approval from the crowd, showing that these songs are already becoming masterpieces.

The best reception though was reserved for that masterpiece from their debut album, and this reviewer’s favourite song: “Chained Up In Chains,” a song with so much spunk and melody it is criminal it is not a metal anthem. The crowd surged forward, and bellowed their hearts out.

A brilliant show, and a fantastic evening. 9/10.


Cauldron Interview

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Interviewing Cauldron was a fun experience, this is a band that I’ve been a fan of since I was thirteen, so getting the chance to actually speak with them was brilliant.

1. What made you decide to start the tour off in Europe?

“The album was originally supposed to come out in the spring, but it got delayed. We had an American tour in the works, but then that needed to get called off as a result. But, we’ve always received a great reception in Europe whenever we come here.”

2. What can the audience expect set list wise from the band?

“We’re at the stage of our career now where we’ve got a fair few albums so choosing set lists is quite difficult. We’re taking two or three songs from each record, and going from there. So, there will be a bit of everything for the fans.”

3. What songs are you most looking forward to playing live?

” “Chained Up In Chains,” is always a great one for fan reaction and a few songs off the new record. And our cover song, as it allows us to clown around a little.”


Cauldron-New Gods Review


Prisoner Of The Past opens up the new album by Cauldron, delivering a seismic wallop, the guitar riffs are catchy and head bang worthy, the melodies are ferocious, and this is a song that is sure to go down a treat when performed live. Letting Go is slower, darker, broodier and all round just more doom than Prisoner, it contains some seriously heavy riffs, and the vocals snarl with extra bite. No Longer is another monster of a song, bringing a brilliant catch with ferocious hooks and slammerific riffs. Save The Truth-Syracuse is an interesting song, mixing dark hooks and riffs, with slanting melodies and variations on the themes. Never Be Found comes roaring out the gate, the riffs are grooving, the vocals are on point and over all everything sounds as if it is down to pat.

Drown comes in with the riffs leading the way, sheer epicness, and grit throughout, with the riffs dancing down the listener’s ear, enrapturing them with the promises of more to come, the vocals paint a bleak picture, with the melodies dark and gloomy. Together As None is filled with edge and harmony, but also a dark sense of parody of songs of the past. Isolation is dark, foreboding, and most definitely a song that has to be played live, filled with the same qualities as Metallica and Maiden songs, a sheer gem. Last Request kicks things up a notch as a closer, and delivers plenty to be happy about.

This is a stellar album and one that the band can be proud of. The album is out on 7th September via Dissonance Productions.


Cauldron Interview

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  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

I wanted a simple descriptive two syllable word that if you heard it enough times in association with the band that you might not consider the actual definition anymore. Much like the band name Carcass for me. Cauldron seemed to be the perfect fit and for the most part was still available!

Our main influences are old heavy metal bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Dokken is a big one for me personally but we listen to a lot of different bands and I think we have gotten good at using a lot of unconventional bands or music to our advantage.


  1. What’s the process behind songwriting for the band, and has that changed over the years?

There is no one way for us. Sometimes it starts with a riff Ian is playing at the practice space or sometimes it’s a melody I come up with at home. Sometimes an arrangement comes together on the spot, other times it takes years…

But once we know we have some cool riffs or a strong melody we hold onto them and build upon that and really try to force nothing.



  1. What themes are explored on the new album? Why did you choose them?

The lyrics on the album are kinda dark and personal for the most part. We went through some misfortunes during the making of this record that set us back, both as a band (the near fatal accident on the in ruin tour and Ian’s recovery) and personal and I think all of that is reflected in the record. I also think it makes for a strong record. At the same time, I still tried to keep the lyrics open and vague enough that hopefully others can relate to it on their own level, maybe



  1. What songs from the new album are you looking forward to performing live?

So far we’ve been performing Prisoner of the Past, Letting Go and No Longer live and they are very fun and seem to be going over well even though no one has really heard the recordings yet. I think we look forward to introducing more songs live in the future, like Drown and Save the Truth. 



  1. What plans do you have for the future?

We have a handful of shows in North America when the record comes out on September 7th and then we follow that up with a European tour. We also plan on shooting a video at some point but beyond that, nothing really!