Julian's Lullaby

Julian’s Lullaby-Prisoner Of Emotions Review

Angel’s East begins with a military beat, before moving into an absolute rocker, with duelling guitar pieces and a duelling vocal line, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. Curse Of Gods is a nice little dance into the darkness of the world, brought to you with soaring vocals and piercing riffs. Death Angel has a nice twist and turn to it, never quite settling down in one place. Domino is orchestral, epic and huge because of it, turning and shifting. Eyes of Gray is slower, thoughtful and reflective.

Hanging Crown starts with some orchestral flair, leading the way with some interesting twists, as the guitars come powering through, shaping and directing the song. Hell’s Door is a monster of a song, big on the riffs, and powerful vocals. Prisoner of Emotions, the title track has some interesting melodic arrangements and shifts and turns in spits and spurts. Single Thought is folk like, bringing some nice changes and spirits to the fore. Starbringer pounds and grooves, shredding in bits and pieces.

The album is out now.