The Eternal

The Eternal-Waiting For The Endless Dawn Review

The Wound is a slow build, moving from one area to another, changing and shifting with tones and melody and ensuring the listener gets the full scope of its epicness. Rise From Agony shifts, slithers and hums sweet nothings whilst delivering a powerful embrace. A Cold Day To Face My Failure moves, producing epic choruses and vocal melodies. I Lie In Wait contains similar elements of darkness, harmony and destruction.

Don’t Believe Anymore is slower, more ethereal and definitely a damn sight more shiver inducing because of it. In The Lilac Dusk growls and sneers and produces some seriously heavy tones. Waiting For The  Endless Dawn is a nice contrast to the rest of the album allowing the full symphonic make up of the band to shine through.

The album is out August 17th via Inverse Records.