Articcircle-Where Ice Meets Ocean Review

album cover.jpg

Cosmic Egg is an interesting opener, big on the distortion, heavy on the grind, and filled with intricate melodies. Big Heavy Door is a nice little thumper, powered by a solid riff, and led on by a big vocal line, it is sure to get heads banging when performed live. Madness Powder is another thumper, snarling and growling through to completion on the back of a monstrous riff. Change the Wave is grunge at its highest, powering riffs, snarling vocals and a powerful melody throughout.

Oracle Bones roars and powers through off the back of a monster of a riff, and a powerful vocal range. Onanole drives itself through, powering up the gears and getting the listener pumped. Firebird Over Falcon Lake does something similar producing a nice little catch and pull. Into One is a fiery number, backed by a superb riff.


The album is out now.