Wretch-Reborn Review

Mental Wars starts things off, with big fast paced riffs, the drums kick in slightly later, with the same sort of intensity, and when things really get interesting is when the vocals come, snarling and dominating proceedings. Cry For The Young is epic, big drums, and big guitars, and a searing vocal line that gets crowds going wherever it is played. Life is fast, furious and taunting. Reborn is another fast mover, a song to get the crowds headbanging away. Eyes of Fate is suitably epic, big sweltering guitars and dancing vocal lines. The Winners is slower, more reflective and epic, the guitars leading things.

Skin to Skin is Wretch’s Indians, with pounding drums and guitar melodies and a searing vocal line. I am Storm is fast and furious, pounding its way to an interesting conclusion. Nothing is dark, furious and melodic. Touch Like Thunder is a rocker, big pounding guitars and an interesting little vocal line making things very very interesting. Til Death Do Us Part is heavy, menacing and slightly terrifying. The Conflict is heaviness incarnate.

The album is out on July 27th.


Artizan-Demon Rider Review

Demon Rider, the first song on Aritzan’s new album is melodic, dark and ominous, mixing the right elements of metal to combine everything together and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. The Hangman is filled with groove and bite, ensuring that the listener is once more hooked. Soldiers of Light is menacing and grooving, the vocals are precise and biting. The Endless Odyssey is another rocker, pounding its way through to a perfect finish. When Darkness Falls is epic, the instrumentation complimenting the vocals and the all round feel of the song beautifully.

Demon Rider, the bonus featuring Harry Conklin is an interesting mix of melody, darkness and seriousness. Conklin adding his own unique take on things. Hopeful Eyes the live track is filled with energy, displaying why the band are so well known. I am the Storm another addition.

The album is out 17th August, via Pure Steel Records.

Entering Polaris

Entering Polaris-Godseed Review

Entering Polaris_front.png

Nostalgia for Infinity kicks things off with some nice epic guitar leads, building into something pounding and menacing. Flightless is similar, the guitars take on a modern approach and pound their way through. It’s A Good Day For Burning Witches is djent, with the riffs and timing all fitting in with that distinct pattern. The vocals are broad and technical. Godspeed is filled with harmonised guitars and some very interesting vocal melodies. Clear Skies is a rocker, shaking with pulverising riffs.

A Song Of Distant Earth is reflecting and thoughtful. Paradise Reclaimed is another thoughtful song, filled with interesting twists and turns that ensure the listener is kept hooked. The Field Of Ghosts is another rocker, moving, dancing and roaring. The Long Run is another pounding and hammering monster of a song.

The album is out now via Freya.


NAUT-Raise The Lights Review

Disintegration is a mix of unsteady and uneven beats, and downright heaviness, an interesting opening. I’m Here grooves with the bass, and slithers. Raise The Lights is slower, more thoughtful and darker. Frames is similar, dark and heavy with an added sinister edge in the pounding drums. XVI is another one that mixes traditional doom with something new and exciting.

The album is out now.


Mutanter-The Limit Review

Ode for Janus is heavy, guttural and downright terrifying. Dead End is similar, heavy, moving and melodic, with the gutturalness added in for good measure. Aborted Life is similar, the guitars really adding a flavour or two in terms of heaviness. Wasted Time is slower, more thoughtful, but still retaining an edge of absolute heaviness. Originally Rots is similar, dark and sinister with a sick riff.

Wisdom Fall is slow, guttural and stop and start. Brainless God is also brutal, pounding and downright terrifying in parts. Worthless stops starts and grooves through proceedings. Perception of Reality is slow and dark. Final Resurrection is another song that is brutal and to the point, bringing energy and chaos.

The album is out now via Kernkraftritter Records

Kissin Dynamite

Kissin’ Dynamite-Ecstasy Review

Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy.jpg

The groovers are back, with I’ve Got The Fire coming in hard, with the acoustic guitar, dancing, snarling and most importantly grooving its way into being. It’s a real feel good song and one that is sure to get the crowd moving when performed live. You’re Not Alone is another anthem in the making, the guitars fit perfectly with the call and response type vocal. Somebody’s Gotta Do It is another rocker, big and bold. Ecstasy is filled with fun riffs, and melodies, dancing across the song throughout and ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Still Around is a nice little ditty that travels melodies, patterns, and is hopeful, the vocals are very much in tune with the song. Superhuman is a monster, filled with harmonies on the guitars and some nice vocal works, its a rocker plain and simple. Placebo is another groover, filled with big riffs and even bigger vocals.

Breaking The Silence grooves, and moves with big bouncing riffs, and dancing vocals, a real heavyweight. Waging War is another song that has fire and fury in it, from the guitars, to the vocals. It’s a serious tune to get grooving to. One More Time is a nice little ditty, filled with big riffs and snarling vocals. Heart of Stone is an interesting number, part ballad, part old western, it is sure too get traction when performed live. Wild Wind is an anthem, filled with some interesting hooks and notes. No Time To Wonder is a rocker to finish.

The album is out on 6th July via Metal Blade Records.


Barros-More Humanity Please


My Everything is filled with a rocky tempo, reminiscent of Whitesnake, before they went too poppy, it has energy and huge choruses. Disconnect is filled with heavy riffs, grooving and dancing, snaking around. My King is another riff heavy song, filled with energy, swagger and power. Take Me is slower, more epic, filled with big guitars and dancing melodies. Tearing is another slow song, a bit of a ballad it allows the vocals to show off just how good they are.

When It Rains, It Pours is a dance in the feel good rock song with the dancing melodies, that have another story to them. Live is an interesting take on the melodic vocal pastures of Aerosmith, and the haunting guitars of REM. A Love has got the riffs packed through, and some serious energy to it as well. A real winner. More Humanity Please is a slower, more thoughtful song, with the vocals and instrumentation fitting one another perfectly. How Does is a rocker, quick paced and energetic.

The album is out on 29th June via Rockshots Records.

Midnight Force

Midnight Force-Dunsinane Review

Killer begins with a scream and moves into an upbeat rocker, the guitars soar through, the vocals provide some clear bite, and overall the performance is something stellar. A fabulous opener. The Scarlet Citadel is epic, the guitars, the vocals, the instrumentation all of it is simply fantastic, a song that is as good as anything to come out of the NWOBHM if not better. Down With The King is another journey, moving through one tone to the next, shivering through, lighting up the stage with precision and clarity. Witchfinder is heavy, filled with big boisterous riffs and some seriously epic vocal work.

Alesia Falls is  fast, grooving and solid, bringing big powerful vocals and guitar patterns to the fore and ensuring that the listener knows where the band’s influences lie. Crystal Talon is slower, faster, a mix of speed and energy and epic melody, wrapped up in one neat bowl. Warlord Eternal is filled with energy, darkness and groove. Dunsinane is Thin Lizzy reminiscence, with the guitars filling the patterns, the vocals take the journey to the next level, a brilliant finisher.

The album is out on 10th August via Iron Shield Records, be sure to get it!