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Powerwolf, Amaranthe and Kissin Dynamite Live @The Koko Review

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On Monday 12th November, London’s metal community were greeted by a heavy trio of Kissin’ Dynamite, Amaranthe and Powerwolf, all of them out to promote their new records.

First up on the bill was Kissin’ Dynamite, who delivered a smashing show complete with fireworks and some seriously fist pumping rock and roll. “I’ve Got The Fire,” started things off and immediately got the crowd moving, whilst songs such as “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” and “Highlight Zone,” really brought home just how streamlined and experienced the band are. The crowd loved every moment of it and there was a mosh pit that developed at one point during “I Will Be King.” A fantastic opening set.


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Amaranthe were up next, and from the moment they stepped onto that stage, they gave it all and got it back in equal measure. “Maximize” and “Digital World,” were stellar choices delivering something fierce and pounding and getting the crowd pumped for what was to come next.  Next came the classic trio from the band’s debut album which got the audience moving and singing. “Hunger,” “1,000 Light Years Away,” and finally “Amaranthine,” all of which got the crowd together in one big mess of singing and moving. Then came some more dance heavy tracks. “Drop Dead Cynical,” saw the crowd dancing like mad people. Finally the climax “Call Out My Name,” and “The Nexus,” saw things off nicely.

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Finally, Powerwolf came onto the stage, to be greeted with a giant roar. They delivered a killer blow to begin with. “Fire and Forgive,” “Army of the Night,” “Incense and Iron,” and “Amen and Attack,” got the crowd pumped and ready to go. This was followed up with even more classics. “Let There Be Night,” and “Armata Stigoi,” got the crowd singing along. Whilst some of the newer songs such as “Killers With The Cross,” and “Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” got throaty roars and participation. The band continued delivering knock out blows with every song on the setlist, and then as things began to slow down, came the encores and the rip roaring participation of the Koko. “Sanctified with Dynamite,” and “Werewolves Of Armenia,” kicked the shit out of the audience and ensured they were left singing well into the night.


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Kissin’ Dynamite Interview

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Andi from Kissin’ Dynamite before their gig with Powerwolf and Amaranthe at the Koko in London.


  1. What did you differently on this new album?

“We looked for that special thing, we went back to our roots, we weren’t influenced by too many modern things as we might have been on previous records. We kept it rock and roll, and we produced something special.”

2. How have the songs from the new album been received live?

“We’ve been performing four songs from the new record, and four old ones on this current tour. They’ve been getting a really good reception. I’ve Got The Fire has definitely gone down well as an intro. It’s been a lot of fun.”

3. What’s your favourite song to play live/ off the new record?

“I’ve Got The Fire and Highlight.”

4. What are your plans for this current tour?

“So, the tour is coming to an end now, but we’re going to be sticking with what we’ve played before now. Then next spring we return on a headline tour, and we’ll be doing more songs.”


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Kissin’ Dynamite-Ecstasy Review

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The groovers are back, with I’ve Got The Fire coming in hard, with the acoustic guitar, dancing, snarling and most importantly grooving its way into being. It’s a real feel good song and one that is sure to get the crowd moving when performed live. You’re Not Alone is another anthem in the making, the guitars fit perfectly with the call and response type vocal. Somebody’s Gotta Do It is another rocker, big and bold. Ecstasy is filled with fun riffs, and melodies, dancing across the song throughout and ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Still Around is a nice little ditty that travels melodies, patterns, and is hopeful, the vocals are very much in tune with the song. Superhuman is a monster, filled with harmonies on the guitars and some nice vocal works, its a rocker plain and simple. Placebo is another groover, filled with big riffs and even bigger vocals.

Breaking The Silence grooves, and moves with big bouncing riffs, and dancing vocals, a real heavyweight. Waging War is another song that has fire and fury in it, from the guitars, to the vocals. It’s a serious tune to get grooving to. One More Time is a nice little ditty, filled with big riffs and snarling vocals. Heart of Stone is an interesting number, part ballad, part old western, it is sure too get traction when performed live. Wild Wind is an anthem, filled with some interesting hooks and notes. No Time To Wonder is a rocker to finish.

The album is out on 6th July via Metal Blade Records.

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Kissin’ Dynamite Interview

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1. “What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?”

“We are big AC/DC fans, and when we were just starting out we were trying to find a name that suited our style, then we heard the song Kissin’ Dynamite and we liked it. We think that the name reflects our powerful and energetic music. We’re not really a band that figures out trends or anything, we’re big on Rock and Roll. I’ve always wondered why we’re referred to as a metal band, because when I think of metal, I think of Judas Priest and Accept.”

2. What was the writing process for the album like, and where did you get inspiration?

“Our new album Ecstasy is the first album we’ve done without any pressure. We finished our contract with AFM, and decided we needed a change. But there was no immediate pressure, so we started writing freely without a deadline for ourselves. The album is filled with positive, good vibes. When we were halfway done writing it, we got a call from Sony Germany, who wanted us to complete the album with them. And so, on this album there’s a reduced synth presence and we’re back to basics, and doing what we do best.  A focus on the state of humanity, realness of human emotion. I’ve Got The Fire, We Break the Stone are songs that reflect this.”

3. What songs are you looking forward to playing live?

“That’s difficult because the songs are all our babies, some will definitely work live. Songs like I’ve Got The Fire, You’re Not Alone, Ecstasy and Heart of Stone, which I think would make a great encore!”

4. What plans do you have for the future?

“We didn’t accept a lot of the shows we were offered, we wanted to focus on the promotion for this record. We’ve got five shows booked, and then we’re going on a tour with Powerwolf and Amaranthe which should be great. Next year we’ll do a headline tour and then play some festivals.”

Kissin’ Dynamite’s new album Ecstasy is out on 6th July.