Entering Polaris

Entering Polaris-Godseed Review

Entering Polaris_front.png

Nostalgia for Infinity kicks things off with some nice epic guitar leads, building into something pounding and menacing. Flightless is similar, the guitars take on a modern approach and pound their way through. It’s A Good Day For Burning Witches is djent, with the riffs and timing all fitting in with that distinct pattern. The vocals are broad and technical. Godspeed is filled with harmonised guitars and some very interesting vocal melodies. Clear Skies is a rocker, shaking with pulverising riffs.

A Song Of Distant Earth is reflecting and thoughtful. Paradise Reclaimed is another thoughtful song, filled with interesting twists and turns that ensure the listener is kept hooked. The Field Of Ghosts is another rocker, moving, dancing and roaring. The Long Run is another pounding and hammering monster of a song.

The album is out now via Freya.