Mutanter-The Limit Review

Ode for Janus is heavy, guttural and downright terrifying. Dead End is similar, heavy, moving and melodic, with the gutturalness added in for good measure. Aborted Life is similar, the guitars really adding a flavour or two in terms of heaviness. Wasted Time is slower, more thoughtful, but still retaining an edge of absolute heaviness. Originally Rots is similar, dark and sinister with a sick riff.

Wisdom Fall is slow, guttural and stop and start. Brainless God is also brutal, pounding and downright terrifying in parts. Worthless stops starts and grooves through proceedings. Perception of Reality is slow and dark. Final Resurrection is another song that is brutal and to the point, bringing energy and chaos.

The album is out now via Kernkraftritter Records