Barros-More Humanity Please


My Everything is filled with a rocky tempo, reminiscent of Whitesnake, before they went too poppy, it has energy and huge choruses. Disconnect is filled with heavy riffs, grooving and dancing, snaking around. My King is another riff heavy song, filled with energy, swagger and power. Take Me is slower, more epic, filled with big guitars and dancing melodies. Tearing is another slow song, a bit of a ballad it allows the vocals to show off just how good they are.

When It Rains, It Pours is a dance in the feel good rock song with the dancing melodies, that have another story to them. Live is an interesting take on the melodic vocal pastures of Aerosmith, and the haunting guitars of REM. A Love has got the riffs packed through, and some serious energy to it as well. A real winner. More Humanity Please is a slower, more thoughtful song, with the vocals and instrumentation fitting one another perfectly. How Does is a rocker, quick paced and energetic.

The album is out on 29th June via Rockshots Records.