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Midnight Force Interview

Midnight Force Interview  Questions

  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

Honestly, in a way Midnight Force just sounded right to us. We considered a few other things too, like Crystal Talon and Restless Blade, all of which were reused for songs so it wasn’t a total waste!

As for our influences, there are the obvious classics but we also like (and have covered) bands like Manilla Road, Medieval Steel and Grim Reaper. For lyrical themes we mostly write about historical battles, fantasy novels/plays and other such interesting things.


  1. What themes are explored on Dunsinane and how did you decide on them?

We’re all interested in history and in fantasy tales, so mostly we drew lyrical influence from events like the battle of Alesia, the works of Robert E Howard and David Grieg’s play Dunsinane, which is a sort of sequel to Macbeth. Also rather appropriately we have a song based on Highlander! Other songs, like Killer and Crystal Talon, are based on things that one of us might have imagined and thought would be cool to make into song lyrics.


  1. What’s your songwriting process?

Most of the time, it’ll be like, one of us has a cool idea for a verse/intro with lyrics to go with it, and we’ll play that a few times to get the idea and another one of us might have an idea how to continue it, what to keep and what to get rid of. Other times, it’ll be because one of us wants to procrastinate from work, or read something cool that day about…well, best not say that yet… Some really cool things gonna be on the next record!

  1. What plans do you have for the future?

Well, we’ve a good number of gigs planned in places like Greece, Ireland and Germany, along with a few still to be announced. Also, we’ve loads of ideas – incomplete ones, mostly – for new album material, when we get the time to record it! There also may or may not be a new video in the works, so keep following us for more…

Midnight Force

Midnight Force-Dunsinane Review

Killer begins with a scream and moves into an upbeat rocker, the guitars soar through, the vocals provide some clear bite, and overall the performance is something stellar. A fabulous opener. The Scarlet Citadel is epic, the guitars, the vocals, the instrumentation all of it is simply fantastic, a song that is as good as anything to come out of the NWOBHM if not better. Down With The King is another journey, moving through one tone to the next, shivering through, lighting up the stage with precision and clarity. Witchfinder is heavy, filled with big boisterous riffs and some seriously epic vocal work.

Alesia Falls is  fast, grooving and solid, bringing big powerful vocals and guitar patterns to the fore and ensuring that the listener knows where the band’s influences lie. Crystal Talon is slower, faster, a mix of speed and energy and epic melody, wrapped up in one neat bowl. Warlord Eternal is filled with energy, darkness and groove. Dunsinane is Thin Lizzy reminiscence, with the guitars filling the patterns, the vocals take the journey to the next level, a brilliant finisher.

The album is out on 10th August via Iron Shield Records, be sure to get it!