Artizan Interview

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  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

The band name ‘Artizan’ is derived from the word Artisan, meaning “a skilled labourer, or craftsman.” I liked that and what is represents for the band. I am most influenced by classic rock from the 70’s, Genesis, Billy Joel, Rainbow, Dio, Maiden, Chicago, Steely Dan. Most anything that has a strong melody and and good storytelling.




  1. What themes are explored on Demon Rider and how did you decide on them?


Demon Rider is the destroyer of fear, crushing the demons that prohibit us all from striving for our dreams. He is a good guy.  I think so many of us can relate to struggles and inhibition. I like rooting for the good guy and creating characters that fight for us – the dreamers. Soldiers of Light is another song on the new album that has these elements. I think that song has some of the best imagery elements that illustrate a compelling thematic story for the listener. Check that one out.



  1. What’s your songwriting process?

Many times I have simple melodies in my head that we start writing guitar to. Or a rhythm that won’t leave me alone. Sometimes my guitarist will have a cool riff that I listen to and we develop melodies and harmonies from that. We write all of the melodies,verses, choruses and them I will usually create some interesting bridges that Segway te parts together. Byt we are really all about strong melodies within the chorus. Our singer is the trademark for Artizan, and he is one of the best!



  1. What’s it like coming back to the music scene after so many years? Is there anything you’d do differently?

Yeah, I took a break from music from about 1994 until 2007. I knew I had ideas in me that needed to get out. But I had the patience to wait for the appropriate time. I think when you are a creative entity, ultimately, the passion you have is going to find its way out. And that’s basically what happened. I wouldn’t change anything at all.





  1. What plans do you have for the future?

I have a couple of pretty extensive projects brewing in my mind that will find the light of day in the next year or two. The fans might be surprised by what we have for them in 2019. The creativity never ends. It’s always a matter of organizing all of the parts that make a band work. And that can be quite daunting for most people. But I have the determination and vision to keep it alive.


Artizan-Curse Of The Artizan Review

A reissue of a great album. From the moment Trade The World comes in there is a gallop, a snarling taunt, and a brilliant little melodic line for the vocals, it is quite clear that this was a classic album. Rise is another grooving number, filled with energy and power, it takes the day, and reminds the listener of their youth. The Man In Black is a monster of a song, with big bold threatening riffs, and solid snarls.  Fire starts with a menacing acoustic melody before snarling into life with thumps and growls, powerful.

Fading Story is filled with energy, a shifting riff, and some downright epic vocal hooks and melodies make this a song to headbang to. Game Within A Game is pounding, grooving and a monster of a song. Torment is a nice little ditty before the big monster of a song that comes next. Curse Of The Artizan has it all, epic lines, bass fills, drum fills, guitar shreds, melody and power, bringing things to a nice little conclusion, something seriously powerful about this album.

The reissue is out 17th August via Pure Steel Records.




Artizan-Demon Rider Review

Demon Rider, the first song on Aritzan’s new album is melodic, dark and ominous, mixing the right elements of metal to combine everything together and ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. The Hangman is filled with groove and bite, ensuring that the listener is once more hooked. Soldiers of Light is menacing and grooving, the vocals are precise and biting. The Endless Odyssey is another rocker, pounding its way through to a perfect finish. When Darkness Falls is epic, the instrumentation complimenting the vocals and the all round feel of the song beautifully.

Demon Rider, the bonus featuring Harry Conklin is an interesting mix of melody, darkness and seriousness. Conklin adding his own unique take on things. Hopeful Eyes the live track is filled with energy, displaying why the band are so well known. I am the Storm another addition.

The album is out 17th August, via Pure Steel Records.