Survival-Murkin Hella Fools


Heart is fast, chaotic, and somewhat a middle finger to conventional music wisdom, with the differing tones and mess of melodies. Still Care is fast, pounding and a song that is sure to go down well live. Blood Dope is fast, pounding, and traditional thrash, with a mix of darker tones underlying it. Buried In Time combines softer riffs, with groove melodies, ensuring that things cannot get dull. Demi is jazzy, groovy and cocky, once again throwing out the conventional musical wisdom. Flames is filled with dancing riffs, boisterous melodies and changing patterns.

At Dawn is grooving, punkish with a hint of groove and melody. Fallen is noise mixed in with ambience. Havok is solid thrash and rock. Choke is grooving, distorted fuzz with punch and groove. Demi demo is just as frenetic as the original number.

The album is out on 14th July via NBRD Records.


Eskhaton-Omegalitheos Review


Relic is brutal, bringing carnage, and heaviness right from the get go. The guitars and drums bring ferocity whilst the vocals would make any man shit himself. Serpentity is fast, with brutal riffage. Elu Azag is chaotic and short. Inverterror moves, shakes, slithers and dances through, with brutal efficiency. The title track swings, grooves and slanders its way through bringing brutal riffs and chaotic vocals. Abyss Unknown is fast, driving and determined. Culthulhunatic is brutal and driving, the perfect song to get a mosh pit going to.

Nusku Et Genii is slower, filled with big fat riffs and a chaotic melody underlying it all. Omnilify is filled with chaotic and distorted riffs that bring sharp relief and snake bite to the fore. Subvoidal, is fast and fury unleashed. Blasphemartyr drives and snakes, slithers and dances, pouncing on the listener with shifts and turns. Intramort is chaotic, frenetic and downright terrifying. Numina Moribundus is pure technicality, with tremolo riffs. Kimah Kalu is slow, haunting and heavy, the riffs soar and produce metal of the finest degree here.

The album is out on 20th June via Lavadome Productions.


Draghkar-The Endless Howling Abyss Review

draghkar EP cover.png

Traversing the Abyss starts of slowly, with the guitars thumping into life, the drums sharpening their edges. It soon moves into a demolition that produces some fierce guitar work and some sharp vocals. Swallowed By The Dark has swagger and groove mixed into one and combined with some serious riffage.

Eternal Disintegration has a haunting, bone chilling introduction riff, that moves into jagged darkness as time progresses, displaying pure evil. Fading Into Emptiness mixes the haunting riff of Eternal Disintegration with more complex melodies and bites, shifting and turning, like a snake that has taken root.

The album is out on 27th July via Craneo Negro Records/Nameless Grave Records.


Lost Division

Lost Division-Wish You Were Dead Review

A big thumping riff starts things off, with Wish You Were Dead providing some killer hooks and melodies throughout, as the vocals deliver the knock out blow. A slither, and a dance, here and there, as the song hints at retribution for a cheat and a lie.

In Memoriam is filled with the sort of guitar riffs that most modern day rock bands could only dream of producing. They are slick and filled with heart and hope. The vocals continue the killer flavour from the title track, as the band slithers through and ensures they have their hooks in order.

The digital release is out now via Inverse Records.


Atlas-The Catalyst Review

Kicking off with a grooving riff and some solid drum patterns, The Catalyst by Atlas immediately hooks you in. When the vocals kick in, things get grooving, and moving. There is the hint that this single is going to be a hit live, ensuring the band get their fill of mosh pits. There is an anthemic feel to the song that ensures the band keep the listener hooked in, changing from blast beats, and monster vocals to screeching and thunderous riffs.

The single is out now via Inverse Records.

The Hirvi

The Hirvi-Old School Killspree

Back after almost thirty years, The Hirvi start strongly with Dying Time, with its big riffs, and crushing vocals, ensuring the listener gets hooked. Satan Is Back is fast, thrashy, and boisterous, bringing something that ensures proper heaviness. The Hirvi mixes oldschool bluesy riffs, with some serious bite, ensuring that the listener is properly hooked into things. Dance, Dance, Dance swaggers, grooving, and swaying and ensuring that things are kept interesting, bringing dangerous riffs to the table.

Vihan paiva is big thrash anthem, bringing big riffs, biting vocals and searing rhythms to ensure that the people are kept entertained. Don’t Fuck With The Runners is a slow snaking song, bringing the heavy riffs and the dancing grooves to the fore with blistering speed. Killer Instinct is filled with fierce and thrash based riffs, ensuring that the metal continues pounding through the listener’s ears. Jumala on Hyva is a grooving little progressive number that closes the album quite fittingly.

The album is out on June 1st via Inverse Records.


Phenomy-T.W.O Review

It starts with a bang, Chaos Within has huge guitar riffs, and drum patterns, and sharp vocals, the band have gotten themselves a proper winning opener here, this is sure to get people moving when played live. Dance Of The Wounded Souls combines clean, melancholic guitars with a pounding rhythm, that soon gives way pure thrash, and a brutality that is befitting a band of such stature. Fear Not has groove and tribal features within it, the call of the tribe ensures that the monster continues through pounding guitars and drums. Sacrifice is epic, from the slow moving guitars to the dancing rhythms and riffs that ensure the song has a haunting feel to it.

Withstand the Test of Time is furious, the riffs are sharp and prescient, ensuring that the vocals can tell a story without fear of the riffs being lost. Endless Knot is driving, precise and epic because of it. T.W.O is epic, with soaring guitars, precise drum patterns and a crushing vocal melody that would make even some of the more experienced heads jealous. The Tribe is pulsating, with the guitars building up the epicness and ensuring that there is nothing lost, and that everything is captured.

The album is out now and is available on iTunes and Spotify.



Winterblut-Seid furchtbar und zerstöret Euch

Stimmen is dark and atmospheric bringing the true meaning of grunge to the fore. Sie Holen Dich is slow and foreboding. Kein Mensch Braucht Dich is similar slow, foreboding and just a tad dark. Nachleben is similar, but with added ominosity. Nicht Mehr Hier is furious and dark, with elements of slowness.

Wie die Axt im Walde is confusing, a mix of two blends and similarly moving. Der Blassesste is chaotic and frenetic, but also strangely calming.Fuer einen is slow, drudgery. Luft nach unten is similar. Das ende vom lied is slow, sabbath esque without some of the more obvious flair.

The album is out on June 6th via Nihilistische KlangKunst


The Last Seed

The Last Seed- Hellboy Review

Throw The Bones is the atmospheric opener to Hellboy, the new album by The Last Seed, it is ferocious and guttural with strong hints of melody. Invert The Shadows continues the theme, bringing elements of the melodies together for collective headbanging. Cast Off The Shroud follows a familiar pattern, with hints of change and subversion. Become The Stubborn Goat is a gallop and a pace, with sharp inferences to previous songs. Read The Flesh drives and roars. Touch The Wolf is the most brutal song on the record and packs a serious punch with some haunting melodies and riffs.

Defend Your Open Eye is brutal, with soaring crunches and piercing dagger like vocals. Form Your God shivers and shakes through some pretty brutal riffs, ensuring that things aren’t left quite as open and dry. Curse Their Doom is the most black metal song on the record, with big choral arrangements and smatterings of darkness. Conquer Your Winter Spell shifts and alternates and is really an interesting blitzkrieg. Rule The Deep is something close to a finisher, shifting between melody and darkness.

The album is out June 6th via Nihilistische KlangKunst