Atlas-Primitive Review

Skinwalker begins with a roar, a defiant call to arms, the riffs come in with brutality, twisting and turning, shaping their way around the groove with precision. Feel is another moshpit inducing rage fest. On The Crooked Stones dances around the edges of acceptability, producing one big hook after another, and really just letting the anger flow. Kaamos snarls and sneers its way through the cosmos, producing hook after hook. Primitive dances across the lines, producing sheer riffage and then quiet serenity.

Pareidolia, is a slow building menace, slowly enchanting the listener before delivering the killing blow. Pendulum Swing is riff heavy, groove orientated. Bloodline is filled with aggression and rage. Rust is a call to arms and a great big monster.

The album is out on November 16th via Inverse Records.


Atlas-The Catalyst Review

Kicking off with a grooving riff and some solid drum patterns, The Catalyst by Atlas immediately hooks you in. When the vocals kick in, things get grooving, and moving. There is the hint that this single is going to be a hit live, ensuring the band get their fill of mosh pits. There is an anthemic feel to the song that ensures the band keep the listener hooked in, changing from blast beats, and monster vocals to screeching and thunderous riffs.

The single is out now via Inverse Records.