Survival-Murkin Hella Fools


Heart is fast, chaotic, and somewhat a middle finger to conventional music wisdom, with the differing tones and mess of melodies. Still Care is fast, pounding and a song that is sure to go down well live. Blood Dope is fast, pounding, and traditional thrash, with a mix of darker tones underlying it. Buried In Time combines softer riffs, with groove melodies, ensuring that things cannot get dull. Demi is jazzy, groovy and cocky, once again throwing out the conventional musical wisdom. Flames is filled with dancing riffs, boisterous melodies and changing patterns.

At Dawn is grooving, punkish with a hint of groove and melody. Fallen is noise mixed in with ambience. Havok is solid thrash and rock. Choke is grooving, distorted fuzz with punch and groove. Demi demo is just as frenetic as the original number.

The album is out on 14th July via NBRD Records.