The Last Seed

The Last Seed- Hellboy Review

Throw The Bones is the atmospheric opener to Hellboy, the new album by The Last Seed, it is ferocious and guttural with strong hints of melody. Invert The Shadows continues the theme, bringing elements of the melodies together for collective headbanging. Cast Off The Shroud follows a familiar pattern, with hints of change and subversion. Become The Stubborn Goat is a gallop and a pace, with sharp inferences to previous songs. Read The Flesh drives and roars. Touch The Wolf is the most brutal song on the record and packs a serious punch with some haunting melodies and riffs.

Defend Your Open Eye is brutal, with soaring crunches and piercing dagger like vocals. Form Your God shivers and shakes through some pretty brutal riffs, ensuring that things aren’t left quite as open and dry. Curse Their Doom is the most black metal song on the record, with big choral arrangements and smatterings of darkness. Conquer Your Winter Spell shifts and alternates and is really an interesting blitzkrieg. Rule The Deep is something close to a finisher, shifting between melody and darkness.

The album is out June 6th via Nihilistische KlangKunst