The Hirvi

The Hirvi-Old School Killspree

Back after almost thirty years, The Hirvi start strongly with Dying Time, with its big riffs, and crushing vocals, ensuring the listener gets hooked. Satan Is Back is fast, thrashy, and boisterous, bringing something that ensures proper heaviness. The Hirvi mixes oldschool bluesy riffs, with some serious bite, ensuring that the listener is properly hooked into things. Dance, Dance, Dance swaggers, grooving, and swaying and ensuring that things are kept interesting, bringing dangerous riffs to the table.

Vihan paiva is big thrash anthem, bringing big riffs, biting vocals and searing rhythms to ensure that the people are kept entertained. Don’t Fuck With The Runners is a slow snaking song, bringing the heavy riffs and the dancing grooves to the fore with blistering speed. Killer Instinct is filled with fierce and thrash based riffs, ensuring that the metal continues pounding through the listener’s ears. Jumala on Hyva is a grooving little progressive number that closes the album quite fittingly.

The album is out on June 1st via Inverse Records.