Phenomy-T.W.O Review

It starts with a bang, Chaos Within has huge guitar riffs, and drum patterns, and sharp vocals, the band have gotten themselves a proper winning opener here, this is sure to get people moving when played live. Dance Of The Wounded Souls combines clean, melancholic guitars with a pounding rhythm, that soon gives way pure thrash, and a brutality that is befitting a band of such stature. Fear Not has groove and tribal features within it, the call of the tribe ensures that the monster continues through pounding guitars and drums. Sacrifice is epic, from the slow moving guitars to the dancing rhythms and riffs that ensure the song has a haunting feel to it.

Withstand the Test of Time is furious, the riffs are sharp and prescient, ensuring that the vocals can tell a story without fear of the riffs being lost. Endless Knot is driving, precise and epic because of it. T.W.O is epic, with soaring guitars, precise drum patterns and a crushing vocal melody that would make even some of the more experienced heads jealous. The Tribe is pulsating, with the guitars building up the epicness and ensuring that there is nothing lost, and that everything is captured.

The album is out now and is available on iTunes and Spotify.