Eskhaton-Omegalitheos Review


Relic is brutal, bringing carnage, and heaviness right from the get go. The guitars and drums bring ferocity whilst the vocals would make any man shit himself. Serpentity is fast, with brutal riffage. Elu Azag is chaotic and short. Inverterror moves, shakes, slithers and dances through, with brutal efficiency. The title track swings, grooves and slanders its way through bringing brutal riffs and chaotic vocals. Abyss Unknown is fast, driving and determined. Culthulhunatic is brutal and driving, the perfect song to get a mosh pit going to.

Nusku Et Genii is slower, filled with big fat riffs and a chaotic melody underlying it all. Omnilify is filled with chaotic and distorted riffs that bring sharp relief and snake bite to the fore. Subvoidal, is fast and fury unleashed. Blasphemartyr drives and snakes, slithers and dances, pouncing on the listener with shifts and turns. Intramort is chaotic, frenetic and downright terrifying. Numina Moribundus is pure technicality, with tremolo riffs. Kimah Kalu is slow, haunting and heavy, the riffs soar and produce metal of the finest degree here.

The album is out on 20th June via Lavadome Productions.