Picture-Warhorse Review

"Battle Plan," opens things up a searing masterpiece that is filled with twists and turns on a melodic but also riff front, never once playing things for more than they need to be played. "Shadow Of The Damned," is an absolute masterpiece, combining a skilful riff with some fascinating vocal lines, the lyrics are masterful.... Continue Reading →

The Tempter-Turpis Rex Review

"Hieromantie," slow and filled with anger and rage, building up with the throws of aggression and rage. "Union Exitus," is filled with druge and sludge. "Klerus," is riff led, with the slow sludge of it all combining together to make things dark and foreboding. "Elissa," is an interesting divergence into certain pathways. "Manifestatio," is dark,... Continue Reading →

City of Tyrants-Revelations Review

"The Arrival," is big in scope, filled with soaring melodies, and littered in bits and pieces with interesting turns of phrase. Moving into "Insurrection," which keeps things heavy and brutal, allowing headbanging and snarling vocals. "Astral Projections," moves with the ground, swarming this way and that, and slowly deconstructing almost everything. "Bloodlines," is fast paced... Continue Reading →

Last Union-Twelve Review

"Most Beautiful Day," comes in with an interesting melodical arrangement, twisting and turning. The vocals are on point throughout and accurately fit the song arrangement. "President Evil," features guest vocals from James LaBrie, and as such they continue the tone set down previously, filtering through and pushing the rock and roll to the max. "Hardest... Continue Reading →

Warkings-Reborn Review

"Give Em War," starts things off, a jangle and punch, with fierce electricity coursing through every lick and fibre. Slowly building toward the emphatic monstrosity of old. "Never Surrender," another monster of a song, boiling and spitting with energy and anger. "Hephaistos," a song that has huge riffs and an even larger melodical input continues... Continue Reading →

Katie Knipp-Take It With You Review

"Ya Make It So Hard To Sing The Blues," is a barnstormer, coming in with some roaring vocals, the story is weaved, and the good times are welcomed in with the slide and the beat, welcome to the journey. "I Don't Sing For You," is Zeppelin mixed with Janis, and boy does it beat the... Continue Reading →

Lutharo-Unleash The Beast Review

"Unleash The Beast," comes in with a brilliant guitar riff, the vocal arrangement is precise and emphatic. The song continues down the epic pathway, creating darkness and heaviness in turns. It's out now.

Fordomth-I.N.D.N.S.L.E. Review

"Intro," is haunting and ethereal, never quite giving a hint to what is coming whilst also standing and breaking through. "Abyss of Hell," is a discordant and slow moving piece that builds and destroys. "Eternal Damnation," is fierce and rage filled, whilst maintaining slowness and depth. "Interlude," is haunting, the instrumentation just perfect for what... Continue Reading →

Kommandant-Blood Eel Review

"Absolutum," comes in with a sonic vibe, shifting and changing with the wind, varying at different points before exploding with power and energy. "Blood Eel," is ferocious, a rip roaring monster of a song that destroys and brings things back to life in equal measure. "The Struggle," is a battering ram of energy and power.... Continue Reading →

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