Picture-Warhorse Review


“Battle Plan,” opens things up a searing masterpiece that is filled with twists and turns on a melodic but also riff front, never once playing things for more than they need to be played. “Shadow Of The Damned,” is an absolute masterpiece, combining a skilful riff with some fascinating vocal lines, the lyrics are masterful. “Rejected,” another rocker, that keeps things going with pace and fury. “Edge of Hell,” a barnstormer, and a rocker all in one. “The King Is Losing His Crown,” a riff monster, which hits the listener with riff after riff and never lets up. “Think I Lost My Way,” slows things down and keeps the listener wondering where things are going to go. “Killer In My Sights,” another song that is filled on fury and rage.

“My Kinda Woman,” is a swagger based song, filled with big fat riffs, and snarling, daring vocals. “The Price I Pay,” a story told through words and the riffs that weave in and out, tempting the listener on the base. “War Horse,” a dark dagger into the light, filled with swaggering riffs and cocky vocal lines. “We’re Not Alone,” keeps the beat up and snares the listener time and time again. “Stand My Ground,” another riff monster, backed on the ground and leading the way. “Eternal Dark,” an absolute belter that leads and keeps going. “Choosing Your Sign,” is perfect live.

The album is out on December 14th.

The Tempter

The Tempter-Turpis Rex Review


“Hieromantie,” slow and filled with anger and rage, building up with the throws of aggression and rage. “Union Exitus,” is filled with druge and sludge. “Klerus,” is riff led, with the slow sludge of it all combining together to make things dark and foreboding. “Elissa,” is an interesting divergence into certain pathways. “Manifestatio,” is dark, slow, and doomy. “Deus Artisan,” chaos personified.

“Endsin VII,” is filled with slow, sludge filled riffs, slowly bringing together chaos and plenty. “Lamentdea,” is growl central. ” Realm of Iconstars,” is slow, discordant and filled with anger and rage. “Angelus,” slow, doomy and filled with rage and anger. “Cilice,” a movement toward pain and grace. “Votum,” another blinder.

The album is out on 16th November via Dissonance Productions.

City of Tyrants

City of Tyrants-Revelations Review

revelations - front cover.jpg

“The Arrival,” is big in scope, filled with soaring melodies, and littered in bits and pieces with interesting turns of phrase. Moving into “Insurrection,” which keeps things heavy and brutal, allowing headbanging and snarling vocals. “Astral Projections,” moves with the ground, swarming this way and that, and slowly deconstructing almost everything. “Bloodlines,” is fast paced and terrifying in some aspects.

“Awakening,” moves with filters, and jagged riffs. “NARAKA,” grooves and swims with the beat, terrifying the listener and entertaining them at the same time. “Reflections,” is a dark whim and filled with clean vocals.

The album is out on 16th November.

Last Union

Last Union-Twelve Review


“Most Beautiful Day,” comes in with an interesting melodical arrangement, twisting and turning. The vocals are on point throughout and accurately fit the song arrangement. “President Evil,” features guest vocals from James LaBrie, and as such they continue the tone set down previously, filtering through and pushing the rock and roll to the max. “Hardest Way,” is a song filled with power and energy, growling and moving with speed and pace. “Purple Angels,” another song that drives and roars. The rhythm is on point throughout. “The Best Of Magic,” is an interesting song, taking twists and turns from various angles and ensuring that the listener is constantly captivated. “Taken,” soars and snears, moving from one movement to the next, constantly evolving and developing.

“Euphoria,” moves with speed and precision, taking things from one high point to the next. Never quite leaving the listener with any certainty as to what might come next, and that is perfect. “A Place in Heaven,” moves with some serious power and melody. The introduction keeps things entertaining. “Ghostwriter,” is flamboyant and aggressive in the best possible manner. “Limousine,” is filled with energy and highlights in the melody and the grace, ensuring that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Back In The Shadow,” another interesting melodical arrangement that combines fascinating elements from all previous songs.

The album is out on 21st December via Rock of Angels Records.


Warkings-Reborn Review


“Give Em War,” starts things off, a jangle and punch, with fierce electricity coursing through every lick and fibre. Slowly building toward the emphatic monstrosity of old. “Never Surrender,” another monster of a song, boiling and spitting with energy and anger. “Hephaistos,” a song that has huge riffs and an even larger melodical input continues growing and growling with energy and rage. “Gladiator,” slows things down, but with an added emphasis on melody and spirit, it continues weaving and turning. Allowing the listener to get lost within the tales of old. “Holy Storm,” moves with speed and grace, ensuring a captivated audience.

“Battle Cry,” is a call to arms, a roaring, uplifting anthem that drives things with grace and speed, ensuring that the people are hooked from the get go. “Fire Falling Down,” is a graceful wing nut, containing some serious melody and groove. “Sparta,” flies into the air and continues driving with energy and power. “The Last Battle,” is fierce and powerful, filled with harmonies galore.

The album is out on 16th November via Napalm Records.

Katie Knipp

Katie Knipp-Take It With You Review


“Ya Make It So Hard To Sing The Blues,” is a barnstormer, coming in with some roaring vocals, the story is weaved, and the good times are welcomed in with the slide and the beat, welcome to the journey. “I Don’t Sing For You,” is Zeppelin mixed with Janis, and boy does it beat the listener down and build them back up again. This is perfection. “Letters,” slow and reflective. The guitars drone, and the vocals weave the story again, the protagonist is stuck and the feelings are coming out. “Metro In Paris,” old fashioned shuffle, with that rag time feel, brilliantly executed. “I Will Stick Around,” the anthem of the album, a belter on a piano with soaring vocals.

“Come Back,” is another barnstormer, of old school blues, winding its way down and bringing it back up, and then dancing through the melodies. “Get Outta My Dream,” is another interesting take, weaving through the fields and bringing some serious energy to the fore. “Santa Cruz Blues,” is old time blues as it was meant to be, filled with distorted rhythms and heartbreak galore. “Another Round,” a good old fashioned drinking song and one that is sure to get people moving when performed live. “Last Man Out,” finishes things off nicely, with some old school bluesy melodies.

The album is out on 7th November.


Fordomth-I.N.D.N.S.L.E. Review

“Intro,” is haunting and ethereal, never quite giving a hint to what is coming whilst also standing and breaking through. “Abyss of Hell,” is a discordant and slow moving piece that builds and destroys. “Eternal Damnation,” is fierce and rage filled, whilst maintaining slowness and depth.

“Interlude,” is haunting, the instrumentation just perfect for what has come. “I.N.D.N.S.L.E,” is discordant and catatonic, a brilliant song to close on.

The album is out on November 10th via Endless Winter Records.


Kommandant-Blood Eel Review

“Absolutum,” comes in with a sonic vibe, shifting and changing with the wind, varying at different points before exploding with power and energy. “Blood Eel,” is ferocious, a rip roaring monster of a song that destroys and brings things back to life in equal measure. “The Struggle,” is a battering ram of energy and power. “Ice Giant,” slowly builds and then explodes with power and might.

“Cimmerian Thrust,” is dark and foreboding, weaving a tale that one might not expect. “Aeon Generator,” slowly weaves its way into being before disappearing in a blaze of light and power. “Moon, The Last Man,” is chaotic and frenetic.

The album is out on 30th October via Krucyator Productions

Grand Royale

Grand Royale Interview




  1.     What inspired the name and style of the band?

    When I started this band I named it Andy Hell And The Blue Öyster Boys. I wanted to play high energy rock n roll so we made a few of songs and recorded an album by our self’s. Hampus did not want to be a Blue Öyster leather boy any moor so he suggest that we should name the band Grande Royale. We other didn’t really care of the name because we did not see this as our main band at the time because we all had other bands that we played in at that point.

    2.     Do you find that you have to adapt your songs to performing live, or is it a natural fit?

    We do a lot different with some songs when we perform live because they need it. For example, the song braking news is completely different live. It´s moor groove in it when we preform it that way but at the same time, the live version would sound awful on an album.

    3.     What influenced your decision to record a live album?

    We played in Flensburg Germany on the last gig of a month tour. The sound engineer came to us after the show and said that he recorded the gig. We told our record label The sign records, and they said! Hell boys we take the recording and make a live album. It is a childhood dream came true.

    4.     What songs do you most look forward to playing live?

    Got to Move, Go Go Go and One Second

    5.     Any plans for the future?

    We are going in to the studio in December to make our 4th studio album with Ola Esfjord at Cuervo Recordings as our producer. We are a 4 piece band now after Hampus quit the band. So now Gustav sings the lead vox so the sound will for Shure change. Calle quit the band as well so Samuel our new bass player will also change the sound a bit.