Grand Royale

Grand Royale Interview




  1.     What inspired the name and style of the band?

    When I started this band I named it Andy Hell And The Blue Öyster Boys. I wanted to play high energy rock n roll so we made a few of songs and recorded an album by our self’s. Hampus did not want to be a Blue Öyster leather boy any moor so he suggest that we should name the band Grande Royale. We other didn’t really care of the name because we did not see this as our main band at the time because we all had other bands that we played in at that point.

    2.     Do you find that you have to adapt your songs to performing live, or is it a natural fit?

    We do a lot different with some songs when we perform live because they need it. For example, the song braking news is completely different live. It´s moor groove in it when we preform it that way but at the same time, the live version would sound awful on an album.

    3.     What influenced your decision to record a live album?

    We played in Flensburg Germany on the last gig of a month tour. The sound engineer came to us after the show and said that he recorded the gig. We told our record label The sign records, and they said! Hell boys we take the recording and make a live album. It is a childhood dream came true.

    4.     What songs do you most look forward to playing live?

    Got to Move, Go Go Go and One Second

    5.     Any plans for the future?

    We are going in to the studio in December to make our 4th studio album with Ola Esfjord at Cuervo Recordings as our producer. We are a 4 piece band now after Hampus quit the band. So now Gustav sings the lead vox so the sound will for Shure change. Calle quit the band as well so Samuel our new bass player will also change the sound a bit.  

Grand Royale

Grand Royale-Captured Live Review


Got To Move comes in with an absolute belter of a riff, the feeling of the band’s live show is captured perfectly, the harmonies are awesome, and the whole feel of the song is intoxicating. Brake Light delivers another solid thumping, producing hit punches after another. Breaking News is a rocker, driving and jiving, ensuring the listener is hooked from the get go. Go Go Go comes in with a belter of a hook and sinker, ensuring the song continues to carry significant weight throughout. Devil’s Place is a shifter, turning and changing, with huge melodies and hooks.

R ‘n’r Business delivers a healthy slice of the blues, producing great riffs one after the other and filling up with great potential. Daily Illustrations is an anthem, leading the way with one thing after another, the melodies are huge, the hooks are solid and in the face. Grande Royale is a rocker, producing hooks and tenure. On The Loose is another song that comes out with the flares. One Second comes in with a heavy riff, moving and shaking. Dangerous is slow, but building a fitting ending to the record.

The album is out on 21st September via The Sign Records.