The Tempter

The Tempter-Turpis Rex Review


“Hieromantie,” slow and filled with anger and rage, building up with the throws of aggression and rage. “Union Exitus,” is filled with druge and sludge. “Klerus,” is riff led, with the slow sludge of it all combining together to make things dark and foreboding. “Elissa,” is an interesting divergence into certain pathways. “Manifestatio,” is dark, slow, and doomy. “Deus Artisan,” chaos personified.

“Endsin VII,” is filled with slow, sludge filled riffs, slowly bringing together chaos and plenty. “Lamentdea,” is growl central. ” Realm of Iconstars,” is slow, discordant and filled with anger and rage. “Angelus,” slow, doomy and filled with rage and anger. “Cilice,” a movement toward pain and grace. “Votum,” another blinder.

The album is out on 16th November via Dissonance Productions.