Picture-Warhorse Review


“Battle Plan,” opens things up a searing masterpiece that is filled with twists and turns on a melodic but also riff front, never once playing things for more than they need to be played. “Shadow Of The Damned,” is an absolute masterpiece, combining a skilful riff with some fascinating vocal lines, the lyrics are masterful. “Rejected,” another rocker, that keeps things going with pace and fury. “Edge of Hell,” a barnstormer, and a rocker all in one. “The King Is Losing His Crown,” a riff monster, which hits the listener with riff after riff and never lets up. “Think I Lost My Way,” slows things down and keeps the listener wondering where things are going to go. “Killer In My Sights,” another song that is filled on fury and rage.

“My Kinda Woman,” is a swagger based song, filled with big fat riffs, and snarling, daring vocals. “The Price I Pay,” a story told through words and the riffs that weave in and out, tempting the listener on the base. “War Horse,” a dark dagger into the light, filled with swaggering riffs and cocky vocal lines. “We’re Not Alone,” keeps the beat up and snares the listener time and time again. “Stand My Ground,” another riff monster, backed on the ground and leading the way. “Eternal Dark,” an absolute belter that leads and keeps going. “Choosing Your Sign,” is perfect live.

The album is out on December 14th.


PICTURE – “Live – 40 -Years Heavy Metal Ears 1978 – 2018” Review

“You’re All Alone,” an absolute rocker and a brilliant way to kick things off, filled with energy and bite. “Get Back Or You’ll Fall,” another rocker, bringing pounding rhythms and sharp bursts of energy to the crowd. “Message From Hell,” another absolute rocker, bringing the ground shaking rhythms that are needed for top quality metal. “Night Hunter,” swaggers from side to side, bringing energy and bite to the fore. “The Hangman,” another rocker, biting with energy and grit, and producing some very good riffs and energy. “Night Tiger,” slowly builds on the back of the riff, and you can tell that the crowd is having a very good time of it. “No, No, No,” pounds its way through, with energy and grit. “Old Dogs, New Tricks,” bites and snarls and rips a new one. “Live By The Sword,” slowly builds itself into a monstrous rocker.

“Eternal Dark,” another song that verges from side to side and brings energy and collective power for the audience, a definite favourite. “Diamond Dreamer,” builds the heat, and keeps things interesting with little flourishes here and there. “Heavy Metal Ears,” another song that glances from side to side, and brings energy and grace to it all. “Unemployed,” another song that rocks with energy and grace, powerfully courting itself. “Bombers,” a sliptrick song, that provides energy and grace. “Lady Lightning,” a song that bounces from side to side and employs various melodies and sharp twists. “You Can Go,” rocking the house down and bringing everyone to their feet. “Spend The Night With You,” a fitting closer with edge and bite

The album is out on October 26th.