Vojd Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter from Vojd, here we discuss the band's history and the new record: 1. What was the inspiration behind the name of the band, and what are your influences?  I went through a thousand names before I came up with Vojd. To be safe from other bands with similar... Continue Reading →

Accuser-The Mastery Review

Accuser are legends, on the same plain as Kreator, when it comes to being the founding fathers of German Thrash Metal, and Thrash Metal in general. Their catalogue needs no introduction but simply put, they have never delivered a bad album, in this writer's humble opinion.  Two years since their last release, The Forlorn Divide,... Continue Reading →

Accuser Interview

With the release of their new album The Mastery today, I am pleased to announce that I was fortunate enough to speak with Accuser's guitarist Dennis: Could you tell us a bit about the name of the band, and your influences?     “When the guys were sitting down to decide band names back in... Continue Reading →

Old Mother Hell-Old Mother Hell Review

What's in a name? That's the question a lot of bands ask themselves when they've first formed and are trying to decide where they sit in the music spectrum. It happens regardless of whether you play rock music, metal music, pop music, or even rap and hip hop. A name helps set the impression of... Continue Reading →

Orphand Land, Kobe Interview

  I had the pleasure of interviewing Kobe Farhi from Orphaned Land today, to talk about the new record Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs and the band's history and music style. What inspired the name of the band and what influenced the band’s sound?   “We formed the band when we were sixteen, so about... Continue Reading →

Ignore The Sign-A Line To Cross Review

Ignore the Sign are a classic rock band with the hint of a supergroup in them, their members have been playing the rock and roll trade for a very long time between them. And their style draws heavily from the rock bands of the past. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Ossy Pfeiffer who is also the singer... Continue Reading →

Cruthu-The Angle Of Eternity Review

The first thing that one notices about Cruthu is their name, it is unusual and also quite cool. It brings about an image of some mystical and mythical beast, perhaps from Tolkein or Lovecraft. The album cover shows people either praising or fleeing from a black sun as well, and that in of itself is metal... Continue Reading →

Vojd-The Outer Ocean

Vojd's EP Behind The Frame showed what the band could do, they brought the big guns, melody, cruising riffs, and charging rhythms which got the listener hooked. And now, many months later, they're back with their album The Outer Ocean. Taking a homage from bands like Queen, they've gone for a band shot, the four of... Continue Reading →

Eliminator With Saracen

Saracen + ELIMINATOR + Purple Hill Witch ​ Saturday January 13, 2018 at 7 PM - 12:15 AM Boston Music Room 178 Junction Road, N19 5QQ London, United Kingdom Tickets Available http://www.seetickets.com † Saracen - Massively underrated. Key-heavy epic-rock perfection! † Eliminator - New singer, new epic material, new HM legends! † Purple Hill Witch... Continue Reading →

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