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Orphaned Land-Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs Review

Orphaned Land is a band that has a rich cultural and musical heritage, hailing from Israel, and the Middle East, their music has often been cited as a healing balm for a land that is often divided and at war with itself. Their music is always topical and relevant to the specific time period within which they are operating, and their new album Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs comes at a time when things are even more uncertain.

Songs such as The Cave, We Do Not Resist and Propaganda highlights the aggression as well as the melody that the band is so very well versed in. They also highlight the uncertain times within which we live, and the possibility for a difficult time for those within the Middle East Especially. All Knowing Eye, Yedidi and Chains Fall To Gravity show off the band’s brilliant musicianship which has been honed through almost three decades of playing and expert crafting of techniques. The vocals of Kobe are flawless throughout the album.

Like Orpheus Features a collaboration with Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian, and the melody and drive of the song are simply perfect, both Hansi and Kobe play off of one another really well, bringing a song to peak perfection. This continues throughout the album, making this perhaps one of the best and most refined albums Orphaned Land has produced, which given their extensive and brilliant catalogue is saying something.

Orphaned Land has got a great collection of songs here. Each song plays off the previous one incredibly well, forming the narrative of a land, a people and a time that seems quite chaotic, and unlike any time since World War 2. I believe that this is an album that any definitive metalhead must check out and purchase, when it comes out on 26th January.



Orphaned Land

Orphand Land, Kobe Interview

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Kobe Farhi from Orphaned Land today, to talk about the new record Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs and the band’s history and music style.

  1. What inspired the name of the band and what influenced the band’s sound?


“We formed the band when we were sixteen, so about 26 years ago now, and we wanted it to really reflect the region we’re from. To reflect the elements that make up the Middle East. The region we’re from is seen as the Holy Land, but with so much conflict present in the land, what exactly is left of it that is holy? So, that’s where the name Orphaned Land came from. As for the influences, well the region we come from is incredibly diverse. Jewish people came from all over the world to settle in Israel, from I think about 80 different countries. They brought the influences, both cultural and social from the countries they had come from, and so that really mixed in with what was already present, especially the Middle Eastern influences. This is especially true of my home town Jaffna, which is a mix of Muslims, Jews and Christians.”



  1. Could you talk us through the inspiration for the band’s music and lyrics?


“My surroundings are what inspire me to write. Initially that was what I saw happening around me in the Middle East, and the conflicts here.  But now it’s expanded to include global events. Essentially anything that pisses me off, I write about. Not just if someone stands me up on a date, but other events. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of things out there now, that are pissing me and others off. so, there’s a lot of inspiration.”


  1. What was the process behind writing the new album?


“It was a long process. We recorded in three different countries. Our producer is based in Sweden, so we recorded vocals, drums and mixed and mastered the record in Sweden. Everything else we recorded in our own studio in Israel, and the strings we recorded in Turkey. That was because the string players in Turkey are some of the best in the world.  There was a lot of work that went into this record, mainly involving the files, transferring them, missing files, all that sort of thing. But the record got done, and I am very proud of it. As regards my favourite song from the record, I would have to say Take My Hand because it has a very personal meaning to me and because of the amount of effort I pushed into the song.”


  1. What hopes do you have for the record and for the future?


“I hope this record will take us to the next level, professionally. Already it’s received some good comments. There was the first single Like Orpheus which got 300,000 plays on YouTube in a month which is very good for us.  So, hopefully people will listen and like what they hear, and get the message, or find something here to enjoy. And as always we hope to gain new fans.”


Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs is released via Century Media on January 26th.