Ginger Wildheart Interview

A veritable music legend, Ginger Wildheart has had a fascinating career, from The Wildhearts to a variety of solo projects, over the past three decades, the man has become a bonafide music institution. I was fortunate enough to interview him this past week: Could you tell me a bit about yourself, what drew you to... Continue Reading →

The Outfit-The Outfit Review

The Outfit hail from Chicago, a city known for its blues, its soul and its jazz, but rarely its rock. Each member of the band from the Nawara brothers, to Mike Gorman and Andy Mitchell are professional musicians who've got decades in the music game. With a love of classic rock and good melodies, they've... Continue Reading →

Empiresfall Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Empiresfall this week, we talked about the band's name, their influences and the new album check it out below:     What’s behind the name, and what were your influences? Thats the most asked question. 🙂 Well..... As I started the band I was looking for a bandname that... Continue Reading →

Anvil-Pounding The Pavement Review

Anvil, the name itself invokes heavy metal, the band who belong to that name, -or is the name that belongs to the band?- have been doing solidly since 1981, when they first broke ground. They are the band that got Anthrax started, that provided the influence for countless metal and rock bands throughout the decades,... Continue Reading →

EmpiresFall- A Piece To The Blind Review

EmpiresFall hail from Hamburg, Germany, the home of a great many metal bands, and since their formation have produced a highly praised EP and a highly praised debut album. Now, they're back with their second album, and with many metal albums have got the perfect cover for the message they are trying to convey. With... Continue Reading →

Sacred Leather-Ultimate Force Review

Sacred Leather has been described as a return to roots, rock and roll. A band who wouldn't be out of place in the 1980s or 1970s. And as singer Dee Wrathchild himself has said: “Since the incarnation of SACRED LEATHER, it has been this band’s mission to return the true essence of heavy metal to the... Continue Reading →

Apostle Of Solitude-From Gold To Ash Review

Doom metal, inspired by Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer originally, has now got countless influences reigning through it. It is a genre that has brought great joy to many, and terrified parents and authority figures alike. Apostle of Solitude is a band that has a special place in the movement, having got a neat trick... Continue Reading →

Dead Man’s Whiskey Interview

On Sunday, I had the absolute privilege of interviewing James and Elliott from Dead Man's Whiskey. We talked about the band, the album and their influences and more:   Could you take us through what inspired the name of the band and what your influences are?   Elliott “How we got to the name of... Continue Reading →

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