The Osiris Club-The Wine Dark Sea Review

Hailing from London, The Osiris Club have got a real corker of an album in their second effort. The Wine Dark Sea, is a mixture of psychedelic turns, progressive melodies, and pure heaviness that combines to create a saga of the most epic proportions. If their first album was the thing that broke the mould... Continue Reading →

Dautha-Bretheren Of The Black Soil Review

History and metal go very well together, this has been demonstrated countless times. There are numerous epics that are dedicated to historical sagas, bands such as Sabaton have made a living from such a thing. Yet, it is rare for doom to tread these waters. Yet, that is what Dautha do. The songs bring with... Continue Reading →

Visigoth-Conqueror’s Oath Review

Visigoth, the name itself invokes images of hardened warriors fighting in the humid land of Hispania, fighting off invaders and each other. The band's style and lyrical content seem to fit such an image. Their debut album, released in 2015, was a great introduction, inspiring themes of fantasy and games, and now they're back. The... Continue Reading →

Visigoth Interview

In December, I was fortunate enough to speak with Jake, the vocalist of rising metal stars, Visigoth:   1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences? "We had a big list of names, and we checked through all of them. Visigoth was the first name that wasn't taken, or at... Continue Reading →

Spartan Warrior Interview

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Dave the vocalist from Spartan Warrior, here's what we discussed: 1.What’s behind the name of the band, and where do you draw your influences from? I joined a band called Deceiver in 1979. We played some original songs, quite blues based rock with a hint of Black Sabbath... Continue Reading →

Spartan Warrior-Hell To Pay Review

They were forged during the height of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they are Spartan Warrior. Legends who trod a path known to fans of the movement, they released two albums before circumstances beyond their control forced them to split. They returned in 2009 and released a highly acclaimed comeback album, and now... Continue Reading →

The Outfit Interview

Today I spoke with Mark Nawara, a founding member of The Outfit about the formation of the band and the new album: Could you talk us through how the band got together?   “I’ve been playing in various bands with my brother Matt for years now, and we wanted to create something that was in... Continue Reading →

Heretic Interview

They're the underground heroes who kept a movement going, they're the band that played with Metallica and Megadeth and outgunned them. Heretic have a storied history, as a founder of the thrash metal movement. It was a privilege to talk to Brian, the guitarist in the band:   What inspired the name of the band... Continue Reading →

Summoning Interview

I was incredibly fortunate to interview Black Metal legends Summoning last week:   1.   What drew you to black metal, and what made you choose the names you did for the band and yourselves? silenius: when we started summoning of course we did not know that this band can be alive for such a long... Continue Reading →

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