Magnum-Live At The Symphony Hall Review


Hometown heroes Magnum returned to Birmingham last year whilst touring in support of their most recent record, the result is Live At The Symphony Hall. Forty-four years into their stellar career, and Magnum continue to deliver.

“When We Were Younger,” comes floating in like a dream, strong keyboard melodies, soaring into being, with the vocals delivering a crunch, and the guitars delivering a thump. “Sacred Blood, Divine Lies,” a thumping anthem for all ages. Bringing serious riffs, and crowd participation to the max. “Lost On The Road To Eternity,” features Tobias Sammett of Edguy and Avantasia, and is an amazing masterpiece with some soaring melodies and glorious and bounding vocal parts. “Crazy Old Mothers,” a slower number, with reflection of the past and an absolutely smashing drum beat taking things to the next level. “Without Love,” a fascinating dip into the eighties and nary a person seems disappointed here. “Your Dreams Won’t Die,” a slow thoughtful song. “Peaches and Cream,” a rocker in the seventies mould. This absolute ripper moves and dances, bringing some searing melodies to the fore. “How Far Jerusalem,” a marching anthem, bringing the glories of the world to the masses, whilst mourning the passing of those who came before. Deep down in London town after all.

“Les Morts Dansant,” this reviewer’s favourite song by Magnum. It is as good as when I saw them live in 2017.  The haunting story of the men who suffering from shell shock or PTSD were brought low by their own government. Lined up to die for the simple crime of being traumatised by the things their superiors had no balls to do. “What a night though he’s one of seven, what a night for the dancing dead, what a night to be called to heaven, what a picture to fill your head.’ Such mastery, such beautiful poetry such as you will rarely find. “Show Me Your Hands,” a thunderous opus bringing the modern elements with the old, and showing everyone just how good Magnum are. “All England’s Eyes,” another soaring anthem. The hits keep on coming, punching their way through and ensuring that the listener is enraptured. You truly get the feeling that this is a band not near enough done. “Vigilante,” another hit from the past. Strong as it was then, it brings more edge, and furious energy. “Don’t Wake The Lion,” another song of World War 1, The Great War as it was known. Slowly bringing the tragedy of it all to life, and capturing the listener once more. “The Spirit,” soars, Bob Catley along with it. The piano work flitters into being and dances to the edge. “When The World Comes Down,” slows things down and brings the edge to life.

The album is out on 18th January via Steahammer/SPV be sure to check it out!


Magnum-Lost On The Road To Eternity Review

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Magnum are an institution. Formed in the 1970s in Birmingham, UK, the band have grown from strength to strength in over four decades of active service to the rock n roll cause. Lost On The Road To Eternity, is their 20th studio album. Let that sink in for a moment, Magnum, a band hailing from Birmingham, the town that produced Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, are on their twentieth studio album. The thought and the number is a testament to their longevity and the quality of their work.

Without Love, is the first single from the album, and it is a driving song, which sets the tone for the rest of the album quite nicely. However, it is not the best song on the album. And with such multi-faceted songs on the record, that is to be expected. Songs such as Peaches and Cream, Show Me Your Hands and Storm Baby really help bring in the versatility of Magnum, and are songs that are bound to be included in the band’s live setlist for years to come.

Then there are what I would term the big hitters.  Welcome To The Cosmic Cabaret is a sprawling epic that brings all sorts of elements into the listener’s ear. Be it pop, synth laden grooves, prog epicness and then the heaviness from Magnum’s debut album. Lost On The Road To Eternity, the title track, brings Tobias Sammet on for a duet with Bob Catley is a roaring song, that will have people singing throughout, especially live.

With Lost On The Road To Eternity, Magnum have shown that there most definitely is life in the old tank, in fact more than that, they’ve shown that they’ve got what it takes to compete with the newest of bands and far surpass them. This album is a much recommended one. When it comes out on 19th January, make sure to buy it.