Wrestling-Ride On The Freaks Review

Let’s Get Born starts with a growl of ‘heavy metal’ it then moves into some familiar metal territory, a galloping riff, and a pounding rhythm. The vocals are snarling and biting, an interesting opener. Surreal Killer gallops, with the vocals spitting out the words with venom. Venom Makes Me Stronger is a ride, a journey instead of a sprint, powering through with one bite and another leash. Kitsch In America gallops and speeds its way through, the guitars shift and turn, whilst the vocals narrate the story. Drunk and Alone is pounding and a rocker, with edge. Wrestlemania VI is slower, more thundering and powerful than other songs, with the call and response method working quite well.

Beyond The Limits is thundering, powerful and engaging. Feels Like Midnight is slower, more Iron Maiden esque than previous songs, with an added edge, that enables for some interesting shifts and changes. Driving All Night is similar, with added metal edge, circa 1979. The Solution To All Your Problems brings some interesting notes and grooves to the stage, the guitars tune in and out, whilst the vocals narrate a dire situation. See Delight is filled with powerful notes, discordant melodies and a vocal narrative that is simply chilling.

The album is out September 14th via Inverse Records.