Wolfheart-Constellation Of The Black Light Review


“Everlasting Fall,” begins with some interesting melodical arrangements, the acoustics build things up quite nicely, ensuring the listener is intrigued by what is happening. The progression happens gradually, slowly building into a crescendo that really gets the listener hooked. The guitars and vocals are perfectly in sync with one another. “Breakwater,” a song that dances on the edge of sanity. Producing one monstrous riff after another, growling and menacing along the way. “The Saw,” another song that veers from one extreme to the next. Darkness and light clashing along the way, producing something that clangs to the melody. “Forge With Fire,” is a brisk and quick step into the mind of rage and war.

“Defender,” another song that barrels through, producing fire and anger. A song that is sure to lift spirits and get things moving. “Warfare,” is driven, mammoth in scope and terrifying in its complete capture of the monster at home. “Valkyrie,” a song on the edge of mythology, tantalisingly close to perfection whilst retaining enough ruggedness to ensure the listener is always intrigued.

The album is out on 28th September via Napalm Records. It is sure to be a stellar release.