Released originally by the band in 1998, Sin/Pecado became the great divider of the Moonspell wolfpack. Produced by their long time companion (Waldemar Sorychta - Wolfheart, Irreligious), the songs of this “accursed” album were signs of a rebellion of the band against the sound that made them famous in the scene. Instead of wolves and vampires, Moonspell set the compass to songs filled with electronica and darkwave moods that talked about the European Community or the love for a woman.

Moonspell-Lisboa Under The Spell Live Review

Wolfshade starts this live album off slowly building into an emphatic roar of defiance, that gets the crowd going. Love Crimes is a snarling monster, with a brutal riff and some pounding aggression. Of Dream and Drama is a slow build, intimidating, aggressive and definitively heavy. Lua D'Inverno is haunting, with the instrumentation striking the... Continue Reading →

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