Weapon UK

Weapon UK-Set The Stage Alight Review


“Set The Stage Alight,” comes in fast and heavy, producing some absolutely spell binding guitar work and some impressive vocals. “Liar,” a rocker and a groover, with some serious movement to it. “Take That Bottle.” shimmers and shakes. “One Night Stand,” a classic. “Mad Mad World,” a rocker, with some awesome guitar work. “Midnight Satisfaction,” fast paced a rocker and a groover, with some snarling vocal work.

“Bad Love,” a song that captures the imagination and delivers something truly spell binding. “Olivia,” starts softly and gets gradually heavier and heavier. “Remote Control,” filled with swagger. “Light Of The World,” a song producing interesting changes and shifts. “Killer Instinct,” another song that produces some fascinating chases and tails. “Things You Do,” a classic seventies rocker.

The album is out on November 30th.

Weapon UK

Weapon UK-Rising From The Ashes Review


The NWOBHM Legends are back with a new album, and man is it a killer.

The Awakening starts things off, it is a slower, synth based song, that adds in some killer twists and turns to make the listener’s hair stand on edge, as they anticipate the next movement. Ride The Maria comes barrelling in, symphonic and filled with energy after that. Driving, and filled with glorious vocal play offs, ensuring that the listener is treated to an absolute gem of a song. Fountain Of Paradise is a rocker, big and bold, filled with energy and ensuring that the listener has plenty to groove their head to. Warrior is another swaggering riffage song, brilliantly executed and with precision, ensuring the listener is caught in the action from the get go. Ready 4 U is another brilliant number, perfectly executing things with energy and riffage, ensuring that the vocals are at the forefront whilst delivering perfection. Burning Skies is an epic song, filled with grooving riffs, and a piercing vocal line that carries weight and ensures that the listener is hooked once more.

The Rocker is exactly what it says on the tin, a cover of the great Thin Lizzy song and filled with swagger and heaviness. Alamein is slower, more thoughtful, a nice little play off between different factions within the song, slow, thoughtful, and heavy and grim, a song that carries weight due to its lyrical content. Wonderland starts with the nice little vocal opener and moves into swaggering riffage. Bloodsoaked Rock is another song that trumpets the hard edge, and brings with it some serious benefits, mainly another absolute belter. Bad Reputation is a rocker with the swagger of Aerosmith and the hard hitting edge of Judas Priest. Celebration Time moves, shakes and grooves with the best of them, carrying on the theme of the album. Killer Instinct is heavy on bass and swagger, and just a downright awesome song.

The album is out 28th September via Pure Steel Records.