Vulture's Vengeance

Vulture’s Vengeance-The Knightlore


“A Great Spark From The Dark,” soars into being, the vocals let rip and enable the listener to truly experience the full power of the story being told. “Fates Weaver,” snaps into being and dances through the tail as old as time. “Pathfinder’s Call,” slips and slides, gliding along the way without ever giving pause to the madness coming through. “The Knightlore,” is the title track on the record. It is filled with glorious movement and soaring headlines, a brilliant track.

“Lord of the Key,” mixes rock and roll sensibility with the epicness of power meta into a chaotic blend. “Dead Men and Blind Fates,” sears and soars, never quite letting go of the listener’s throat once it takes hold. “Eye of A Stranger,” is the anthem of the album, with its huge melodies and soaring textures. “Chained By The Night,” continues down the path, seering into being.

The album is out on 10th May via Gates Of Hell Records.