Voodoo Diamond

Voodoo Diamond-Darkness Becomes Us Review


Black Ice is pounding, a guttural roar and a challenge, the perfect opening number. With My Hands Clenched is a similar dance down the path, bringing energy, and grit. Deny is filled with swagger, bite and an element of Bullet For My Valentine in the vocal hooks. While She Sleeps is instrumentally softer than previous numbers, but downright heavy and dark in terms of the vocals and the lyrical content. Trigger is sharp and to the point, bringing heaviness and bite to the fore.

Broken Mirrors is a mix of chaotic pounding drum beats, and some serious bite in terms of the vocals and the guitars, this will be a song to look out for when played live. Forgive Me Not is a mix of casual bombasticness and some serious chops in terms of formation and groove. Givin It All is another mesh of attitude, bite and snarl. Son of A Bastard Sun is filled with groove, and light focus. Violins is another song that grooves and shakes, bringing an interesting dimension to things.

The album is out now via Musicarchy Media.