Thrust-Harvest of Souls Review

Thrust started in 1981 with the live ep “ROCK FOR POLAND” followed by a appearance on “METAL MASSACRE 4”. Followed by the classic “FIST HELD HIGH featuring the underground hit anthem “Posers Will Die!!”. Thrust than released a bootleg called “INVITATION TO INSANITY” followed by the double album in 2015 entitled “FIST HELD HIGH/REINCARNATION (Ultimate 35th Band Anniversary Collection)”

Right from the get to the album is filled with energy and power. Songs such as Deceiver, Immortal, Kill or be Killed bring some serious energy, the riffs are powerful, the rhythms are tight and generally the band sound as if they are having the time of their lives. The changes that can be found within each individual song help colour the first third of this album and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.  Vocalist Eric Claro brings the heat with his soaring vocals.

Sorceress, Shadow of the Cross and Blood King continue the trend, delivering high octane metal through a lense that would make any metal head weep with joy. Thrust are showing off their skills and their experience here, in the best possible way. This is something that everyone can agree on. The final third of the album brings the album to a heightened climax.  With songs such as Possessed, End of Time, Feel The Pain and One Step From The Grave.

This album proves once again why Thrust are a brilliant band, be sure to pick up their album when it is released on 27th April.