Soulhealer-Up From The Ashes Review


Am I In Hell begins with some nice little guitar work, before producing some epic melodies and some downright catchy powerful hooks. Behind Closed Doors is an anthem from the way the song is structured down to the vocals and the hooks. The Final Judgement is a rocker, with the guitars leading the way down the route of pain and power. Fly Away is a rocker, with a powerful riff leading the way. Land Of The Free is slower, and epic for it, producing rhythm and power to match.

Pitch Black comes out strong with a solid riff, and a melody that bounces from one place to the next. Prepare For War snarls, shivers and shakes, ensuring the listener is kept hooked from the get go. Sins of My Father is haunting, powerful and chaotic. Through Fire and Ice is a belter, with an absolutely grooving riff. Up From The Ashes is a strong finish, producing headbang worthy riffs.

The album is out now via Rockshots Records.