Scala Mercali

Scala Mercali-Independence

SM Independence -Booklet Pag.1.jpg

“The Crossing On The Sea,” is big and bombastic, delivering a sharp shoot into the veins of the listener. “The 1000,” is furious and frenetic. Reflective of the historical consequence of the song, a true gem. “Honest Brigands,” stands and delivers a thumping smack to the face. “Be Strong,” a slow thumping move toward power and grace. “The Last Defence,” slowly builds and delivers into energy and movement. “Never Surrender,” shifts the tone and delivers a sharp blow in the face.

“Tolentino 1815,” is a marching rhythm of the story of Murat’s last stand, a glorious retelling of it all. “White Death,” snarls and snakes into being. “Whisper of the Night,” shifts and snarls, bringing with it some fascinating components. “Anita,” slows things down and provides some breathing space for the listener. “The Italian Anthem,” ends things off in patriotic fervour.

The album is out now via Alpha Omega Records.